You will need
  • - blank General journal papers;
  • - details of the special journals;
  • documents of the General building organization.
  • - details of the customer;
  • the details of the project organization.
Assign General work log sequence number date the form number of COP-6. Specify the name of the specialized construction organizations. Write the address of the company.
Enter on the title sheet of the form the name of the object, which will be carried out construction and installation work. Write one of the names: enterprise, building, structure, etc. Enter the address of the location of the object.
Write the title of the position personal information of the person appointed responsible for the maintenance of a General journal papers. As a rule, construction work is performed on the basis of the developed project. Preparation it is engaged in the design organization. Enter the name, personal data of the chief engineer of this enterprise.
Write the name of the customer of construction works. Note the position data of the head of the firm or his representative.
The beginning and the end of the work indicated in accordance with the dates specified in the agreement (contract), as well as the actual dates of the period of execution of construction works. Write basic data (production capacity, useful area, etc.), as well as the cost of operations by agreement.
In section 1 the General journal of the works enter the personal data of the employees who will be employed in construction of the facility. In the second section indicate names of acts of intermediate acceptance of works in chronological order. In section 3 insert the list of works to be evaluated.
The fourth section of the log fills to maintain it face. It entered the list of special journals work, which will be filled during the construction of this object. In the fifth section, make a complete description of the work progress, dates of their beginning and end. Write periods if it were simple, for example, due to the fact that were not timely delivered material. In the sixth section outlines the comments of the Supervisory bodies in the course of acceptance of the facility where construction and Assembly work.
Number, Proszowice all sheets form number COP-6. Assure the necessary signatures prostatic of the customer, the project organization, with the seal of the General construction organization. Filled the log pass to the custody of the customer.