You will need
  • -gravel
  • -sand
  • cement
  • -red brick
  • -material for installation of the racks
  • cell cellular polycarbonate
  • -tubes for water heating
For construction of heated greenhouses you need to choose a calm, well-lit place and attach it to the wall.
Build band low-depth foundations. The depth of the Foundation make 50-70 centimeters. Greenhouse – building is not heavy and of such depth for its installation will be enough.
On top of the Foundation lay out a base of 3-4 rows of red bricks water-resistant.
Frame for the construction of a winter heated greenhouse it is better to make arch type. It will not remain snow and not formed snow drifts. The frame is fabricated from durable material. For this suitable high strength plastic or arcs of thin pipes.
With the appearance in the sale of mobile cellular polycarbonate far gone are the days of glass greenhouses. Well-made, high-quality polycarbonate can withstand temperatures down to 40 degrees, long service life and very reliable to use in cold season.
Don't forget to include Windows framuzhnoy type for hot weather.
Heating system need to do the water around the perimeter of the greenhouse, including the Foundation, floor, and ceiling. If you built a greenhouse of large dimensions, the further guide pipe in the middle of the greenhouse.
Self heating, connect boiler home heating. Depending on what type of heating you have at home so you will heat your greenhouse. Typically connected gas or electric heating, but if the house is heated solid fuel is also suitable for heating greenhouses. Installing a separate heating system unprofitable.