For planting cucumbers in a greenhouse pick the best varieties, which are resistant to various diseases and will give bitter fruit. The most popular varieties of cucumbers grown in protected ground: "Zozulya", "may", "Cucaracha" and "April". Also well proven "Marinade" and "Claudia".
Before you start growing cucumbers, you should know a few technological features. Pay special attention to the lighting of the greenhouse, as the crop is light, so should be located on the lit site. Prepare the soil in the fall, make under digging compost or peat (one bucket per square meter).
In the greenhouse should be kept at a constant and optimal microclimate, create adaptations for a garter lashes. To do this, route the cable trellis along the row under the ceiling, then lower down splits, which in the future and will tie the grown cucumber whip.
Spend transplanting in the greenhouse in early January. In this case place three plants on one square meter. Provide optimal soil temperatures, it requires subsurface heating. As biofuels can serve as sawdust, manure, sunflower husks or straw. There are other ways: trays or racks raised above the ceiling, where the ground is heated by the warm air of the greenhouse.
Greenhouse temperature should reach 23 degrees by day and 18 degrees at night. Such temperature provides the right technology for greenhouse cucumbers. Provide a cucumber in a timely and abundant watering (take only warm and settled water) and fresh air (periodically ventilate the greenhouse, it will protect plants from pests and mold). Improper maintenance and untimely watering cucumbers you will pay back the bitter fruit.