Learn the "sales pursuit" (or, as it is called, cross-sale). It lies in the fact that immediately after the already completed sale you offer the buyer to purchase something else. To sell something to a person who you have already gained something much easier. To do this, immediately after the purchase refer a buyer to any product. Statistics show that from fifteen to thirty buyers agree to purchase another product. Under this system work, for example, McDonald's – note that when you purchase, for example, of potatoes, you will ask: "What are you drinking? Would you like a sauce to potato?".
Add to your product gifts and bonuses. They always attract buyers – after all, they think that they make a purchase at a profit. In fact, you can raise the price of the basic product is exactly the value of the gift and bonus, and even more. If this product will still buy because the buyer will feel that it is beneficial. Very rarely, a buyer can really assess the value of the goods. Remember that buyers do not actively monitor all sorts of special offers on their own, so in addition to the ads report it directly when buying.
Sell products in installments. But to do this, of course, to the mind. Mark on the price tag is not the full price of the goods, and that he will have to pay every month. After all, the price tag is "only 1000 rubles a month!" much more attractive than 12,000 rubles". On a subconscious level, the buyer will accept the goods much cheaper than it really is. You don't even have to do any additional markups – the possibility of buying in installments will attract a lot of customers, and if they will promptly make the payment, you will benefit from this.
Use the formula, which is called in the professional environment "Formula 997". Often this formula is "999". That is, when this formula is thousands, you specify a price of "999" or "997". On a subconscious level, this price is perceived as lower, although the loss of one or two rubles are unlikely to hit your pocket. On the contrary, it will attract a lot more buyers.