The easiest way to deal with fathers who have a hobby. Then your dad probably had told you how he needs a new lure, a useful gadget for the computer or what model of plane is missing in his collection. So why not surprise a loved one with the fact that he really wants to. If you absolutely do not understand the Hobbies of your father and can't tell a screwdriver from a screwdriver, go to the store with dad. It will be much better than wasted money on the wrong thing.
Surely your dad was in the army with nostalgia and fond memories of military service and combat comrades. As of February 23, the still the defenders of the Fatherland Day, give dad something associated with his service: helmet - tanker vest - marine, rubber boots with a grunt. The gift may not be too useful on the farm, but will make dad smile.
It is not true that men rejoice donated socks and shaving foam. Men are big children, and fathers are no exception to this rule, no matter how many years they were not. Most dads will be happy with the binoculars, the compass, a good pocket knife.
On a holiday you can indulge little weaknesses of your loved ones. A great gift would be a bottle of good liquor – brandy or whiskey. You can also give a flask – army or, on the contrary, silver with the state symbols. Smoking fathers as a gift to a comfortable fit petrol lighter and cigarette case.
In childhood you were told that the best gift for parents is made by hand. This Board is quite suitable for girls who engaged in hand-made and quite gifted in this matter. If you hated in school lessons, for jokes you can add the portrait of Pope your execution to the main gift, and then with his father to laugh at art.