You will need
  • - wrapping paper;
  • - products with the company logo;
  • alcoholic beverages
  • - gift certificates..
If the restrictions in the mass is not felt, for the purchase of each gift certificate in any perfume store, office equipment or auto parts. Today, many large stores offer a convenient service gift certificate that allows the person to choose the one thing that he really needs. Naturally, when choosing such a gift, you should consider the presence of the colleagues of the car.
Quite economical gifts to colleagues on February 23, is a product with a company logo. Can order mugs, glasses, textile products, but their production will take some time.
Choosing gifts for colleagues, remember that gift for the boss should be different from that presented to rank and file employees. In this case, you can give expensive stationery, high quality alcohol, if the boss uses it.
Also as a gift you can organize and hold a joint event. It can be not only a feast, but also, for example, going to the bowling alley.