It is considered that with the costume combines clean classic shoes from black, brown or gray matte leather. The presence of shoes ornament jewelry with rhinestones or miscellaneous parts are considered invalid. The heel should be small or medium in size. Also not welcomed shoes with an open toe or heel.
Pick up shoes, guided by the color combination of shoes and clothes. The black business suit suit of the same color pumps, they will highlight your elegance. If you want to add femininity, wear Burgundy shoes. With a gray suit will combine well shoes several shades, not just black and brown. Please note on the classical model of a coffee cream color in combination with gray suit they would be appropriate in the office. They will refresh your look, especially in the spring and summer. To suit beige pick a comfortable brown suede pumps with either beige or black pumps with a low heel. Dark blue color suit would go perfectly with brown and black shades of the Shoe. If you picked out a costume mustard, maroon or red, then it is better to choose a classic shoes.
Also the choice of shoes affects the fabric from which tailored suit. The denser the material, the more strict must be the shoes. For example, tweed looks solid, therefore, require more massive models with a block heel. Silk jacket and trousers you can wear light summer shoes.