A classic combination

In the men's closet should have a few white shirts. The combination of black and white is classic. This is perfect for a special occasion, but a black suit with a white shirt looks good in the office. A tie is better to wear color, but keep in mind that in a man's suit should not be more than three colors. If you prefer a black tie, it is better if it will be with a picture.

Shirts of pastel tones

Universal black suit, with him well shirts of different colors. Preferably pastel colors – beige, yellow, pink, pale green. In this case, the tie could be black, and to match the shirt, but slightly darker. Choose dark shirts should be very careful. Black with black tie looks too dark and suitable mainly for mourning. But white or bright tie in this case is fine. Will look good and bright tie with a pattern. As for the other dark colors, no dark brown or dark gray shirt to black jacket will not fit. Acceptable Navy blue, Burgundy and dark green.

Strip, cell, peas

Shirt with a bright big picture leave for the summer. They may well be combined with light summer trousers or shorts. The pattern is also undesirable, but the strip is quite suitable. In Grand fashion and shirts from a fabric with very fine embossed pattern in the tone of the background. Picking up the shirt, and buy a few handkerchiefs of the same color. In some situations, you just need to corner of handkerchief protruded from the breast pocket of his jacket.

A few words about the tie

With a plain shirt and the black suit you can wear a tie with polka dots. Note that a pea must be in the tone of the shirt. If you striped shirt, the tie can be plain, striped, polka-dot, but not in the box. Strips on both items must be a different scale, but strictly match in color.

Buttons or cufflinks?

Business etiquette demands that the shirt sleeve was slightly longer than the jacket sleeve. The jacket sleeve should end strictly at the wrist line. With a business suit cuff links look better than buttons. They look much more elegant. So for special occasions is preferable to a shirt with double cuffs. Finish your costume will attach the tie-pin. Better if it will be in harmony with cufflinks. And, of course, pay attention to the shoes. No sneakers – only dress shoes elegant.