You will need
  • - water-repellent coating;
  • - paint;
  • - roller;
  • broad and narrow brush.
Go to a store that sells construction materials. Purchase: paint, rollers, water-repellent coating and brush. Paint paper Wallpaper can be any color: latex, enamel and other. Choose a roller with medium pile, and if the Wallpaper has a raised pattern, with a long. Water-repellent coating is needed to ensure that the Wallpaper does not get wet and not behind the walls. Regular primer is not able to replace it. Consult about this with the seller.
Remove dust and cobwebs from the walls with a sponge or vacuum cleaner. Then apply a water-repellent coating using a roller or wide brush. Don't forget the corners and other hard to reach places. Wait until the substance dries completely better for at least 24 hours. Do not open Windows or air vents to not create a draft. When changing temperatures the Wallpaper can move away from the wall.
Mix the paint to a uniform. If you want to give it a color, add a color or call the store – you with the help of a special device will pick up the desired shade.
Apply the first coat of paint on prepared walls. As the roller is not stained hard to reach areas, do it with a brush. The second layer is applied not earlier than 2-4 hours.
Invite professional painters, if you have never been faced with such works. They will bring your walls to a full order within a few days. The cost of the paint work is kept at an acceptable level.