You will need
  • - blinds, curtains, eyelets, holders;
  • - carpet or tapestry;
  • - a mirror, a dressing table, a decorative frame;
  • - shelves, wardrobe;
  • - painting, stickers, paint, Wallpapers;
  • Wallpaper, vinyl film;
  • - wardrobe and door leaf veneer.
Storiesmy of the easiest and most economical way to disguise the door to hang on to it long curtains and beautiful drape. If you want to completely hide a doorway, it is recommended to use one large curtain eyelets or rings on the circular ledge. This "flap" can, if necessary, easy to open with one hand or put on her wings (a strip of cloth buttoned or special fittings on the magnets).
Coverelli interior door not used (for example, the entrance opening in adjacent rooms), you can push it to high with a wardrobe on one side and curtain carpet, tapestry on the other.
Thermalpaste on unnecessary door mirror in full growth, and under it put the dressing table. Beautiful color door frame – and it will serve as an excellent frame. A more expensive option is to replace the door mirror panel, perimeter stick carved frame from wood.
Kartino the same principle runs "picture in a frame": decorated box and a blank window, a large reproduction of the mural. If you have the skill, razreshite painting interior doors with oil paints in the same style with the walls. For example, draw bricks, a fireplace, and the blazing hearth "Papa Carlo". Painting on the door leaf, turning on the wall, well hide the door. As additional elements, use large stickers.
Shoporganic looks the door-"bookcase", especially in the office with these shelves with collections of essays. And if you hang on the door leaf shelves and arrange the books, you will have a secret door. Along the wall to the door opening you can install a wardrobe in which one branch is going to hide a secret entrance. However, this doorYu is not recommended to use too often, otherwise the guides will quickly fail.
Stensli you regularly use the doorand u just want to fit it into the existing interior, you can paste it with Wallpaper or vinyl film to match the walls. Elegant (but less practical) option is to upholster all surfaces with a cloth. To create the illusion of the wall on the upper part of the door leaf hang a small picture or mirror.