Advice 1: How to disguise a door

Very few people have the opportunity to schedule the house at the architectural level. Most of the apartments have to take it for granted, and not all its elements are satisfied owners. For example, the interior door does not always become an integral part of the environment. However, with good taste and material possibilities is a functional product can be completely hidden from prying eyes, or to turn it into an original element of the interior.
How to disguise a door
You will need
  • - blinds, curtains, eyelets, holders;
  • - carpet or tapestry;
  • - a mirror, a dressing table, a decorative frame;
  • - shelves, wardrobe;
  • - painting, stickers, paint, Wallpapers;
  • Wallpaper, vinyl film;
  • - wardrobe and door leaf veneer.
Storiesmy of the easiest and most economical way to disguise the door to hang on to it long curtains and beautiful drape. If you want to completely hide a doorway, it is recommended to use one large curtain eyelets or rings on the circular ledge. This "flap" can, if necessary, easy to open with one hand or put on her wings (a strip of cloth buttoned or special fittings on the magnets).
Coverelli interior door not used (for example, the entrance opening in adjacent rooms), you can push it to high with a wardrobe on one side and curtain carpet, tapestry on the other.
Thermalpaste on unnecessary door mirror in full growth, and under it put the dressing table. Beautiful color door frame – and it will serve as an excellent frame. A more expensive option is to replace the door mirror panel, perimeter stick carved frame from wood.
Kartino the same principle runs "picture in a frame": decorated box and a blank window, a large reproduction of the mural. If you have the skill, razreshite painting interior doors with oil paints in the same style with the walls. For example, draw bricks, a fireplace, and the blazing hearth "Papa Carlo". Painting on the door leaf, turning on the wall, well hide the door. As additional elements, use large stickers.
Shoporganic looks the door-"bookcase", especially in the office with these shelves with collections of essays. And if you hang on the door leaf shelves and arrange the books, you will have a secret door. Along the wall to the door opening you can install a wardrobe in which one branch is going to hide a secret entrance. However, this doorYu is not recommended to use too often, otherwise the guides will quickly fail.
Stensli you regularly use the doorand u just want to fit it into the existing interior, you can paste it with Wallpaper or vinyl film to match the walls. Elegant (but less practical) option is to upholster all surfaces with a cloth. To create the illusion of the wall on the upper part of the door leaf hang a small picture or mirror.
To hide the door under the Wallpaper is a fairly common repair due to the simplicity and low cost. However, to produce labeling should be carefully because the product may be subjected to high loads and to wear out quickly. Remove from the surface of the old paint with a special chemical wash, then go cloth sandpaper for roughening. Use glue suitable for the selected finishing material.
Useful advice
To mask the door at overhaul, perform a direct door leaf and the facades of built-in cabinets from the same material. For example, from natural veneer.

Advice 2: How to hang a door on a wardrobe

Currently, the wardrobe took its honorary leader among many other furniture sets that are used in everyday life. Many home craftsmen make closets himself and is justified by the decision, because to make this furniture easy. The main thing – to be able to properly hang the door.
How to hang a door on a wardrobe
You will need
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • guides;
  • - the perforator;
  • level;
  • - screws;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - the door leaf.
The installation of wardrobe doors-coupe start only when the box and inside filling this Cabinet is already fully assembled. First of all, as accurately as possible measure the width of the upper opening of the wardrobe-compartment , and adjust the result, subtracting from this figure to 2 mm.
Then transfer this value to the upper guide and cut this subassembly right angle. Remember: to cut the upper guide should be from the rear (this way you will minimize the possibility of damage to the front side of the subassembly).
On the top profile every 30 to 50 cm mark and drill the holes (these will be attached to the screws). Due to the fact that you need to drill through the hole (and the rear and front of the top rail), to perform this operation, take with all responsibility: there is a marriage and mistakes are not acceptable.
Lean the top profile to the cupboard and make sure that the holes are drilled correctly. If when marking and drilling you were not a mistake, each upper guide wall will separate only a millimeter distance. Making sure that everything is performed correctly, attach the top profile to the wardrobe-a compartment on the screws.
Measure the distance of the doorway of a wardrobe-compartment in the lower part and subtract from the value of 1 mm. Then transfer this value to the lower profile and cut this guide at a right angle.
Attach the bottom profile to its rightful place, but do not attach it.
Assemble the doors of the wardrobe-coupe, setting a first upper guide wheels at the top, and then lower – lower profile. Then use the adjustment screws to adjust the door and tighten the lower guide.
Prior to attaching the bottom panel, align the maximum horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Useful advice
To provide additional adjoining leaf, using stoppers. These positioners are mounted so that in closed position of the door of the closet firmly joined to the wall.

Advice 3: Plastic interior doors: choose apartment

Interior doors often play a role and create an interesting interior style solutions, so they have special requirements. First, the door must match the interior and the second to be flawless and functional. Durable, simple, high quality, affordable and functional plastic interior doors combine the basic characteristics and meet the requirements of not only designers, but also buyers.
Plastic interior doors: choose apartment

Key benefits

Comparing with traditional interior wooden doors with similar models made of plastic, it should be noted that the plastic interior door has greater strength. Studies have shown that even a strong enough blow can not deform the interior door plastic. Plastic interior doors well withstand double the load and is not afraid to frequent opening and closing.

With limited living space interior door should have a high sound insulation, to be fireproof, noiseless and high quality.

In addition, it should be noted that PVC doors are characterized by high moisture resistance. Especially practical to install plastic doors in those areas where it is often possible high humidity levels, e.g. bathroom, kitchen or shower room.

As for other performance characteristics, interior door, plastic, easy to clean, eventually loses its appearance, and will not crack or change color. The door is plastic, will easily fit into any interior due to the fact that the range is quite broad and includes a variety of shapes, colors and designs.

The secret of plastic doors tight schedule of production, the use of modern polymer materials, excellent quality, wide range and competitive price. Unlike models made of wood or MDF, plastic requires no additional investments in the restoration of varnish or paint updates.

Modern technologies allow to produce interior doors of various models: sliding, double and single, with double glazing and solid, arched design and "doors with stolpom".

When choosing a door should pay attention to high-quality plastic profile and glass. And plays an important role of a good interior lock or locking system.

In addition to good technical characteristics of the door should match the design of the room. If you take the corridor type, it often happens that the door connects to the hallway and living room, which are almost always made in different colors. Please note, corridor and any other door, plastic can have a different coating and fit harmoniously into the interiors of different rooms.
Plastic interior door allows you to save finances, but not at the expense of quality and functionality.

Sliding interior doors

Latest fashion trend in design – sliding doors that allow you to create individual interior, there may be a decorative design element of the room, helping effectively to save space and have a number of other advantages. The sliding door may have a flat or arched configuration that allows the installation of doors, even in the corner of the room.

The design consists of a door leaf and the sliding mechanism, which is also home to a fastening element of the system. Integration and configuration of door leaf can be any of: paneled, fully glazed, panel or stained glass.
But the sliding system provides several more components: guides (can be top and bottom or only the bottom), roller devices and stoppers. It should be noted that the sliding system in which one guide rail, and the bottom is less convenient. If the design sink into the floor, the slide can accumulate dirt. Sliding system with two drive more comfortable. It operates as follows: the lower rail is the main load, while the upper rail is responsible for the smoothness.

Another kind of interior doors are accordion doors that have the similar device and the mechanism of action, like sliding doors. Foldable door more efficiently saves space and fits well into the interior of small apartments, gives you the ability to adjust the width of the doorway. But, it should be noted that the folding door, accordion has less heat and noise insulation properties.

The mechanism of the device bi-fold doors is somewhat different from the sliding mechanism and the door may not be solid. But the design of a sliding door provides soft types of fabric from materials such as cloth and leather. The sash frame is often made of plastic, imitating the appearance of wood, stone or metal.

All types of sliding doors have some features and in selecting the hardware. Please note, the doors have recessed handles that do not interfere with biasing-apart of the.
Plastic interior door resistant to dirt, requires little maintenance, has hidden seams and has a great choice of colors.

Very often in modern apartment design sliding plastic doors act as partitions and screens, which allow, if necessary, to rapidly increase the space and to combine, for example, living room and kitchen. This "painless" redevelopment is very convenient if you arrange the holiday and take a lot of guests. Sliding doors allow efficient use of square meters and, if necessary, create a separate zone. Thanks to these door designs are easy to bring to life any custom design solution.
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