Read on the packaging what the deadlines are sown purchased seeds and prepare the soil mixture. Most plants require a light friable soil, usually a mixture of humus, sand and peat in equal amounts. Add humus undesirable.
Spend presowing treatment of seeds. To do this, soak them in a solution of disinfectant. It can be bought drugs, but liking them is not necessary, as some fungicides reduce the germination of seeds. So are a good alternative to home remedies. For example, aloe Vera juice, infusion of garlic and others. Proven to be potassium permanganate.
To prepare the disinfectant of scarlet, roll grinder the leaves of this plant, squeeze the juice and soak seeds in it for 1-1,5 days. In addition to disinfection, al and even stimulates the development of the seedling.
Seeds of some plants require stratification or scarification. When stratification require special conditions for germination of seeds – soak them for a certain time at a low temperature and humidity. For different types of these indicators are different. When scarification nadpilivayut hard shell, facilitating seed germination.
Choose pots for planting, plastic. Discard ceramic and clay because the moisture in them evaporates quickly. Very effective to use plastic containers of small size.
Fill containers treated soil and sow the seeds as instructed on the package. This is important because the seeds of some plants germinate in the light, for example, gloxinia, cacti. They just laid on the ground surface. While others require a small penetration into the soil. If the seeds are very small, first mix them with sand.
Pour the warm crops separated by water from the sprinkler. Cover container with glass or polythene and place in a warm place. Usually you need at least 20 degrees, but again, follow the individual requirements for each plant species. Watch out for humidity, the soil should not be dry, and if excessive moisture can generate mould. Therefore, regularly ventilate the containers, slightly raising the film or pushing the glass.
Germination time varies, in some plants it takes a week, others sprout a month or longer. When you see sprouts, start often airing, especially after the next watering. As the seedlings are still weak, to prevent erosion use a spray bottle. After the seedlings grow up, optinuity them in individual pots. On the bottom place the necessary drainage. Protect young plants from direct sunlight to avoid burns.