Advice 1: Why man belongs to the mammal

Mammals – a class of vertebrates. To their features, in addition to feeding babies breast milk, it also includes the live birth; they also have other distinctive features. There are about 4,500 different species of members of this class.
Why man belongs to the mammal
Of female mammals during the suckling babies receive the milk. It is secreted from special glands that are called mammary. For newborn mammals is a natural food, but each species has its peculiarities. For example, in the milk of the domestic cat protein sequence is about 10 times more than cow's milk. In Zoology there is a special unit dedicated to the study of mammals. It theriology. As people also suckle their infants with milk, and they belong to this class of living beings. In addition to feeding, the person has other features common to all mammals.Important feature, which is particularly strongly expressed in humans, is the development of the forebrain and the cerebellum. In most species of this class the brain is complicated, has many convolutions and folds, and the more and the harder they are organized, the more diverse may be behavior of the animal. Developed peripheral nervous system allows mammals to respond quickly to external stimuli. They also characterized by binocular vision, that is, the picture in the brain is formed based on the image with both eyes, in contrast to birds, who see with two eyes separately.Features such as breathing through the lungs and the presence of four-chambered heart, are common to mammals. Most of them have hair that is required to maintain a constant body temperature. This is a warm-blooded species, and their average body temperature in the class is approximately 30 degrees. The exceptions are whales and hippos, as well as the human species, who protect themselves with warm clothing. Mammals are an amazing class, its types are very diverse. Some of them fly, others live on the earth's surface, there are many such, who spends most of life underground. They are not too similar to each other. Just present among mammals there are 20 units available animals, even a little more than 10 groups are extinct. The hominids, which include humans, it is the order of mammals primates. In addition to the modern manand Homo sapiens, hominids include Neanderthals, Pithecanthropus and some fossil species of humans, such as Australopithecines.

Advice 2: Why in the morning all the floats in the eyes

Most people lose consciousness due to sudden oxygen starvation of the brain, which caused a sharp drop in pressure. This can happen if you abruptly get out of bed when you tilt or loss of balance.
Why in the morning all the floats in the eyes

Causes of opacities in the eyes

In some situations, fainting is preceded by the darkening of the eyes, nausea, spinning head, sweating, hearing loss, and a decrease or increase in the rhythm of the pulse.

If unconscious, there is a sharp decrease in muscle tone, which leads to the fall of man before it in a reclining position. This is caused by additional injuries. To come to their senses, the patient should be no more than 2-3 minutes.

If a person visits a doctor after him all the time pestering blurred vision, dizziness and fainting, the first task is to correctly assess the condition of the patient. There are cases when these symptoms provoke heart failure.

Also dizziness in the morning often indicates the presence of problems with the vestibular apparatus and the brain. This condition is observed in diseases of the spine in the neck. Rarely, the cause may be failures in the peripheral nervous system.

However, don't confuse the problems of the vestibular apparatus with the appearance of sudden blackouts – called in the society "veil before my eyes". In everyday life very often dizziness explain the loss of balance and heaviness in the head, lack of sleep and severe fatigue.

What to do when the darkening of the eyes

Visiting doctor, a patient needs to be prepared to answer all his questions. Need to try to clearly explain what are the symptoms, how often relapses occur, had any traumatic brain injury and was not in recent times any disease. Only after carefully listening to an accurate description of the problem, the doctor can prescribe proper examination and conduct the necessary treatment.

If the patient complains of blackouts and dizziness not only in the morning, but in daytime, it is likely that his diagnosis syndrome, Adam-Stokes-Morgagni, which is characterized by a different rhythm of contraction of the atrium and ventricle. In this disease patients on a regular, temporary loss of vision, lasting from 4 to 8 seconds, and blanching. In certain situations, with long pauses between contractions of the heart muscle, people with this syndrome may fall into a swoon, which is accompanied by deep breathing and twitching, resembling an epileptic symptoms.

So, if you experience discomfort of this kind, do not put off going to the doctor, he will help you in recovery.

Advice 3: Why do hedgehogs like milk

Not everyone is satisfied with the traditional cat or dog as Pets. Some owners want to have more exotic Pets such as hedgehogs. Those who have home lives a hedgehog, it is usually poured him some milk in a saucer. So do those to whom the hedgehog came on a visit to the country.
Why do hedgehogs like milk
If a hedgehog is to give milk, it really starts to drink it, causing tenderness of the owners, who are convinced that animal likes milk. Love to milk is traditionally attributed not only hedgehogs, but also cats. It's hard to say what the basis of this belief, but it has nothing to do with reality.

All mammals have milk intended for feeding calves. Adult individuals that can produce other food, it is not necessary and not available, so the digestive system adults stops producing the enzymes that break down those proteins and fats contained in milk.

The mutation, which allowed to fully digest milk as adults, took place only in humans. All other adult animals, including hedgehogs, milk is not only not useful, but can cause serious digestive upset – especially if we are talking about milk of an animal belonging to another biological species, e.g., cow or goat milk for a hedgehog.

The fact that hedgehogs and cats drink milk if you give it to them, not to mention its usefulness: contrary to popular belief, animals do not always know themselves what they need" are not always from the food which is harmful for them. Hungry animals may pounce on the food, not quite suitable for him. Hedgehogs caught in human hands, do it with milk, if more suitable foods a person does not give them.

However, the diet hedgehog may even need to add fermented foods – they contain enzymes, so their digestion is not a problem.

You should not focus on more common misconception that hedgehogs love apples and mushrooms. It is a widespread opinion is based on pictures and children's cartoons, where sea urchins are often on the back of an Apple or a mushroom. In fact, any fruit can only by chance to cling to the spines of a hedgehog. Urchins eat plant foods in small amounts, so fruit and vegetables they should give a little and not very often.

Hedgehogs eat insects, worms, mice, snails. At home, they must have veal, beef, chicken, fish, raw or cooked. You can feed mealworms, cockroaches, crickets, various beetles.

However, even with a proper diet hedgehog will never feel good at home. It's not an animal that can be fully domesticated, and much pleasure to the owners he won't be – it's a night animal, day, Jerzy asleep. If the owners, wishing to communicate with the pet, will Wake him up in the afternoon, it will also be harmful to the health of the hedgehog. Matter how strong the temptation to catch in the forest of the animal and bring it home, you should not do it.

Advice 4: Why the cat is eating the earth

Inexperienced cat owners sometimes gives a shock the sight, when the pet is eagerly eating the soil from the pot. However, this behavior of cats is not a deviation from the norm and do not even reproach drawn up by the owner of the animal's diet, it is a natural desire to fill certain elements in the body.
Why the cat is eating the earth
If you notice that the cat is addicted to the earth, will review his food. Most likely, he moved to the "clay" type of food because of a lack of vitamins and minerals. Try to add calcium in food, it can be cheese products, yogurt (no more glasses once every two days), sometimes even crushed egg shells. Consult your vet, he will prescribe your pet the correct rate of complex vitamins, prop that the animal will get rid of bad habits.
A recovery time, it is desirable to exclude from a diet of dry food and fill it with natural products since the dry rations lack many nutrients needed for proper development of your cat. Food need to eliminate gradually, for example, replacing the first one of the meals with natural food, and a week the second.
The reason for eating earth may be the helminth infections, i.e., parasites, attacking the cat's body, and consuming a huge amount of vital substances. In this case, to help specialty drugs, drink will have a full course, to interrupt which is not even with the onset of visible improvement.
Another reason for eating the earth can be banal worms that cause a perverted cat's appetite. To resolve this problem is not difficult. Animal need propeity special cure various types of intestinal worms – Drontal.
Also there is a theory that cats eat ground, to clear your stomach. Everyone knows that when the cat washes, in their body in large quantities gets wool. Persistent eating of inedible food can indicate that your pet is trying in this way to clear your stomach from hairballs. In any case, to take the land is not worth it, always remember that nature took care of the animals, awarding them the instincts, including those that will help themselves to get rid of several diseases. It is the concern of a good owner to help the pet and not to miss the moment when "folk" remedies don't work, replacing them with medicines.
Actively eat dirt start in the first place cats who have a diet of excess meat. If the cat is a predator, it does not mean that it needs to only meat products. Meat reduces the level of calcium in the body, causing rickets and osteoporosis, so let your favorite cereals, or crush the greens, completely eliminate pork and bread.
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