At this age the child becomes more energetic and the mixture is not already fully meets the needs of the growing organism. Before you introduce solid foods at 4 months, you should consult with your pediatrician. He best can tell, why exactly should start in a specific case.
As the first feeding up it is possible to use cereals, vegetables or fruit. Porridge is recommended for children, poorly gaining weight. Vegetables are suitable for babies who have problems with digestion. The fruit is versatile and good in any case, but after them rather difficult to convince a child to eat vegetables.
Deciding where to start feeding baby at 4 months, prepare a small serving of a new dish immediately before its use. The first use of Hypo allergenic vegetables, and cereals. This zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli. Take those from cereals that are gluten free: rice, buckwheat, corn.
It is best to give a new product in the morning. In this case it is possible to observe the body's reaction to the lure. For the first time offer the kid no more than a teaspoon of puree or cereal.
If the child refuses to eat, don't insist. A new flavor may confuse the baby. Postpone the introduction of this feeding for some time, it is possible that in a few weeks, the child will taste the dish with great pleasure.
In the case where during the day the chair the child is normal and there are no allergic skin rash, the next morning the portion increases. To a normal amount of new product brought in the course of a week.
You must then pause and enter the following complementary foods not earlier than 5-7 days. This will allow the digestive system of the baby to adapt to new products.