Advice 1: How to file a claim for division of property

In accordance with article 256 of the Civil code and article No. 34 of the Family code, all property acquired by the spouses during marriage, belongs to them in equal shares. If the marriage contract is not formalized, and divorce is a mutual agreement on the division is not reached, to resolve all issues with the common property in a judicial order.
How to file a claim for division of property
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - marriage certificate or divorce;
  • - an inventory of the property;
  • - estimated value;
  • - title documents to the property.
Submit the claim about section of property in court. All property acquired during registered marriage, is the General share property of spouses belongs to them in equal shares, regardless of whose money it was purchased.
In addition to the statements prepare for the court an inventory of all property subject to division. Will need marriage certificate or divorce, since the section can be carried out during the divorce, after or during the registered marriage. In the presence of the stated requirements on increasing your share of the property at the expense of children will require a birth certificate of a child (children).
To the inventory of the property attach legal documents: certificate of ownership of the property, the contract confirming the acquisition of the technical passport, a certificate of the appraised value of the property at the time of the partition. Help will be needed in that case, if the financial documents confirming the value at the time of purchase, do not exist (article 132 of GPK of the Russian Federation). If in addition to the valuable property you share cups, forks, spoons, just put them in the overall inventory.
Forced division of property after the payment of the state fee, the amount depends on the total cost of claims. If the assessed value of the property does not exceed 20,000 rubles, you pay 4% of the amount of the alleged claim. For the property, the estimated cost of which ranges from 20 000 to 100 000 rubles, the amount of the state fee is charged at 3% plus 800 rubles. From 100 000 to 200 000 – 2% of the amount plus 3 200 rubles. Most often, the court considers the claims in excess of 1 million rubles. The maximum amount of the state fee is 60 000 rubles.

Advice 2 : Division of property: I ask men in the divorce

Divorce is not the most pleasant process in the lives of people. I guess no one wants to be in this situation, but unfortunately, it happens in life. First people something in common and it may seem that it's for life, but time passes, things change, and the relationship between the spouses may arise, so that then they are not on the way.
Division of property: I ask men in the divorce

Guys, worthy of respect

Now a days divorce is no surprise. Some people manage several times in the life of "stepping on the same rake". And well even if nothing to share, but more often the opposite. So what is often asked men in the divorce? And this question is helping to answer a poll. And first it is the car. Men do not even so worried about housing than are afraid of losing their vehicle. Well, there may be noble intentions. When divorcing spouses often already have children, and they usually remain with the wife. Therefore, the apartment the men leave them. You can go to build a life from scratch, taking the only car. Well, not all leave your ex!
The man who in the divorce only took the car, leaving his wife's apartment, and all marital property is respected.

I ask in a divorce other men

Some men ask for divorce children. And it's impossible to comment on the situation may be different. Of course, the children are ill, even when parents quarrel, not to mention the divorce. But sometimes parents really better to live separately. So with whom should stay children? Russia decided to leave the kids with my mom. And many will say that it is right, as children, first and foremost, we need maternal care and affection. But no wonder, in order for a child born need to "participation" both men and women. So why the father should be satisfied with the fate of "Sunday dads"? We are not talking about those fathers who, glad to shift the burden of education on the former spouse, and themselves with a clean slate to build their lives. And if the father really loves his children and wants to take an active part in their lives? This question cannot be a definite answer, people decide it on their own, on the basis of their awareness, established relationships and ability to compromise.
There are families in which the education of children have fathers, and women while engaged in their career.

Not too original, men in the divorce wants to take the money. Reasons why a man may request that the division of property money countless. They should not even list, because in financial trouble can have a family trail. And expenses after the divorce will be a lot. May ex-husband wants to buy a new home and change the phone number to the past couldn't break into his new life.

There is also a category of men who divorce are constantly asking apartment. Usually such men much respect no, but in life anything can happen. Of course, if the man just throws his ex-wife on the street, and even with a baby in her arms, excuse him find almost impossible. But if he's asking for the apartment, which the couple bought together, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially if the spouse is already of age and the man understands that to buy a new home it is not.

Well, the last thing please men in divorce – forgiveness...

Advice 3 : 8 things you must do after a divorce

Divorce is a matter that requires delicacy and psychological readiness of both partners. You can take some measures to prevent the psychological trauma.

You broke up and it seemed like forever. To maintain self-esteem and mental health will help the following rules.

1. Don't take out anger on themselves. You feel that you have no reason to keep yourself in shape. But, really, you have no reason to begin to take revenge on his body. "Many people "heal" their emotions excessive consumption of food that is a kind of compensation," says psychologist Eva Small. Remember that your life does not end with divorce, and in the future you will want to find a new partner. What if you with this will prevent a beer belly?

2. Give yourself time. If you feel that it is best to heal their wounds after a divorce that immediately jump into bed with someone else, you are wrong. After a hasty one-night stand your emotional void will only deepen. "Take your time, allow yourself to recover after a breakup and act with a cool head," says the psychologist.

3. Do not chase. The worst thing you can do after divorce is to begin to pursue his former mate. No matter whether it is physical harassment or spying on the Internet and social networks. In any case, remember that do not only unworthy, but even a criminal offense.

4. Do not tell anyone. Even if you may find this incredible, most people do not particularly interested in why, how, and under what circumstances you broke up. Don't hang on to every nose, including your divorce. No it is not interested.

5. Get rid of the memories. Stop to wipe the dust off the Souvenirs, to consider the lovers of pictures from vacation, just get rid of all shared memories that will only torment and return to what will never return.

6. Don't waste energy on revenge. Efforts to revenge vilify you. Try to behave so as not be ashamed to look at myself in the mirror.

7. Don't isolate yourself. The fact that you broke up doesn't mean you have to behave as a monastic recluse. "Being in contact with friends and family can be the best medicine after a relationship breakup," says the psychologist.

8. Don't settle for crumbs. Don't settle for the role of supplicant at the feet of your ex half. Don't ask, don't try to convince her/him of the need to meet and don't let operate on the popular wave of "let's stay friends". Friendship you can afford it then when they finally accept the divorce.

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