To realize the benefits of a legal state, it is necessary to conduct systematic education of the individual. Moreover, it is necessary to consider legal education as a global activity state. Such education should help to form in man a positive image in a certain direction. In addition, the value of legal education is to build the right value systems of vital installations to ensure compliance with norms of law and morality. A special role in creating an ideal model of proper human behavior in the society has the education system. In young age, when people absorb information like a sponge, it is important to direct him throughout life's journey. From an early age to lay the foundations for the formation of the person, respect for the law. Of course, many of the moral values incorporated in the human consciousness in its relationship with society. So he understands what is good and what is bad. The role of legal education is to convey to the mind and feelings of a person certain social values, to make their personal beliefs and to turn into a vital guide. In addition, legal education does not only form, but also increases the level of self-awareness, responsibility and civic culture.It is a tool of spiritual education developing personality. With the help of the development of legal and moral values in human consciousness. Develops a strong belief in the justice of the law. One understands that it is necessary to follow the principles of legality and humanism, and the controversy they inevitably entails responsibility.Thus, legal education is forming the culture of human behavior in society, when he is aware of its responsibility and relationship with all its members.