Please note that when choosing a solar panel system that would be suitable for your home, there are several determining factors. First, it is the climatic characteristics of the locality in which the dwelling is located. Depends on the duration of sunshine over to your house and battery, and, correspondingly, the time of accumulation of solar energy. Determine how suitable you have the area for the location of solar panels on the card light.
Consider solar panels also, the amount of heat that you want to get a result. The best option – the battery that can cover from forty to eighty percent of the needs warm. A system with a lower efficiency, can be very expensive. It is also necessary to consider the possibility of designing and calculation of power system. It guarantees you reliability of the resulting system and the possibility of confrontation, force majeure (disconnected from source of electricity, bad weather). Please leave these calculations to the experts.
Pay attention to the manufacturer of solar battery and the material of the photoelectronic element modules. It may be polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon. Depends on price, efficiency, as well as the duration of battery life. Monocrystalline silicon is a material that is resistant to aggressive influences, the efficiency of the batteries made from it, may increase to 20%. The sale also appeared multicrystalline cells made from polycrystalline materials, but is so named in order to introduce the buyer astray. An example of use of polycrystalline elements are garden lights that work much less a second season of use.
Consider also that the thickness of photovoltaic cells will provide electron emission for life, but the thickness of the foil only provides a low cost, to strive for Chinese manufacturers. Pay attention to the structure of the glass surface, if it is textured, the power of the input radiation will be increased by 15% and this will increase the efficiency of the solar battery, especially in cloudy time of the year.