How to operate garden lights solar powered

The idea of using accumulated daylight to night illumination was realized in practice in the 20-ies of the last century, but mass production of such household lamps began relatively recently – about 15 years ago. The principle of operation of such lights is quite simple – the cover is a solar battery that is a thin film covered with a protective transparent layer. Under the action of direct or scattered sunlight, the battery converts light energy into electrical energy and accumulates it. After dark, the battery starts to work and applies voltage to the built-in lamp led lamp. Good quality led lights solar battery can Shine for up to 8 hours, which is enough to illuminate the area around the country house summer and in the autumn-spring period.

The advantages of such lamps is obvious. You can install them anywhere on the site where you want to, you will not have to dig trenches and lay cable. If necessary, the lamp can be easily removed from the ground and rearranged in any other place or removed for storage if you are leaving the area for a long time. The backlight turns on and off automatically, thus you don't need to buy any additional equipment. You get the opportunity to cover the territory without paying the money for electricity. In addition, the decorative appeal of your site significantly increases, and you have the opportunity to create a real design masterpiece.
To the battery has received as much light as possible, regularly wipe the surface with a clean soft and damp cloth, taking care not to scratch the protective film.

What are garden lights solar powered

The simplicity of the design of such lamps are more than compensated by the great variety of decorative forms. Usually, lawn lamps and those that are set along paths and around the home, have simple classic concise form. Them ceiling high columns can be Conoco - or ball-shaped, cylindrical or in the shape of a cube. Decorative lanterns that emphasize the beauty of the vegetation, can be in the form of a low lamps simple forms or painted figurines of gnomes, frogs, owls, etc. There is a waterproof floating lights, which at night will decorate the surface of your pool or artificial pond.

How to choose outdoor lighting for a suburban area

First of all, pay attention to the workmanship of this fixture. Many home-grown companies releasing these lanterns that can be bought inexpensively, especially in bulk, but their quality are quite low and they will last for long, and the batteries installed in them, will limit the burn time is only 3 or 4 hours. Cheap lamps do not differ and the quality of installation, so they are fairly easily damaged, and repairing them is impossible.

Manufacturers that guarantee the quality of their products, be sure to indicate on the packaging parameters such as capacity and number of led lamps in the luminaire, their work provided the battery is full, its appearance and capacity.

If you want to set lanterns around the house, on the balcony or lawn, decide what area they should cover. The more powerful the lamp, the brighter it will burn and the greater area it will cover. The powerful lamp is installed larger number of led bulbs more than 10 pieces. But this light worked properly, it should be installed and good battery. Good performance and reliability are the NiMH batteries, they are more expensive than conventional Nickel-cadmium, but in the end, their use is economically more profitable, they have larger capacity, more powerful, and their service life longer. These lights can continuously work up to 8-10 hours.
When choosing a lamp, keep in mind that the larger the area of the solar battery, the more it accumulated the amount of solar energy.

Most lights have sensors that respond to illumination and automatically making and breaking lamps. Some lights which you can use to install along the tracks have motion sensors and turn on only when approaching a person. These lights can be installed with the vehicle.

The shape of the lantern you can pick up in accordance with its functionality and placement. View photos on the Internet, there are examples of the location of the lights of different shapes in different places of the suburban area. If you want to have on the site party, you can buy flashlights with colored LEDs that help to create a festive mood and atmosphere.