You will need
  • - Cement;
  • - sand;
  • - plasterboard;
  • profile for gypsum Board;
  • - plastic panels;
  • - wooden Board;
  • - exterior paint.
Remove the old door design. Armed with a claw hammer, remove the old trim. Clean the gap between the door opening and the old door. Removing the door panel, twist the door frame are two transverse cut. With a crowbar remove all four of the old boxes and break down the upper beam. Clean doorway of insulation and seal. Now you can mount the new door design.
Further work on the design of the opening will depend on which door is installed. For opening a simple iron door, devoid of any frills, do the cement screed. Mix cement with sand and gently apply the mixture on the openings with a trowel. For a few days, leave the solution to dry. Then fill the gap with a façade paint on acrylic base.
If you have installed expensive door inner and outer trim, use other methods of opening design. If he goes back to 13-17 mm, which is quite common, use for a decorative coating on drywall. Make all the necessary measurements.
A simple pencil transfer the geometry and configuration of the sheet of drywall. On the front side of the canvas do the incision and break it at the bend. Be sure to note the width and height of the doorway.
Take a profile for installation of gypsum sheets 60х27. Two profiles secure with plasters on the doorway. After you install the first profile, measure around the perimeter of the same width and fix the second. Apply to the opening of the plaster mixture and press down the guides, exposing them on the level. At the end of this phase Primate attached profiles of plaster in several places.
Cut pieces of gypsum Board screw to the profile around the perimeter of the opening. If the surface is smooth, you can put the drywall on the glue, avoiding the use of profiles.
Also you can decorate the opening with plastic. Mount the upper and lower slopes, using a Board. The upper element is set at 3-4 mm below the level of the door frame. Fill the free space with foam and attach plastic sheets to the slopes. Complete the finish by attaching decorative plastic area.