You will need
  • Door, wooden wedges, foam, wood saw, nail puller, screwdriver, screws, fittings
Inside doors may differ in many characteristics. First of all, you should choose the material from which they are made. Today there are many materials that mimic the structure of the wood, many samples are not inferior to each other in beauty and strength. If you prefer natural materials, choose a door, veneered wood.
Structurally, the doors of natural veneer are not different from the laminated doors. Just in this case, the frame is made of pine glued the veneer – thin sheets of natural wood.
A distinctive feature of the door veneer in that they are sensitive to humidity more than laminated. So unlikely to install such doors in the room the bathroom. The disadvantages of veneers include the fact that it darkens when exposed to direct sunlight.
The actual replacement of the old doors in your chosen new consists of two consecutive stages. First of all, you need to remove the old door leaf from the hinges. Great difficulty it usually is, but it's advisable to dismantle together with the assistant.
Then it is necessary to dismantle a box of old door. Disconnect the jamb with a claw hammer. It is convenient to make an ordinary hacksaw in the middle of the box cuts at an angle of 45 degrees, this will facilitate the process of detachment of the box. Side plates of the box then can be removed.
Mount the new door should the door frame, which should be carefully collected together. Easier to assemble on the floor using the canvas door as a template. Rack and top box connect the screws. Insert the box into the doorway. To make the construction of sustainable and reliable provisions may need wooden wedges.
Set box to hang the canvas and check how well the door opens. If necessary, adjust the stroke of the door by moving hinges.
The perimeter of the door frame should be reinforced with foam. Once dry, the foam will securely hold the door in the opening and provide insulation. Carefully cut the protruding pieces of foam. Attach the seat frames. Attach a pre-prepared door handles, locks. Now a new interior door is ready for a long time to serve you faithfully.