Advice 1: How to roast tomatoes

Fried tomatoes is not the most common dish. Most often it is used as a secondary ingredient in other recipes. From how fried tomatoes, and will depend on the taste of the resulting product.
How to roast tomatoes
You will need
    • tomatoes;
    • salt;
    • vegetable oil;
    • pan.
Collect ripe fruits and wash them, cut out damaged part, if any, and the place where the peduncle was attached. You can use green fruit, but they will be tougher and not as sweet as red.
Those who do not like the peel, you need to clean off it with tomatoes. To do this, on top of the tomatoes crosswise incision with a knife with a width of 1-1.5 cm, after which the fruit for 5 seconds, place in boiling water. Take them out of the pan and rinse with cold water. From the temperature difference between the peel will become soft and will only have to clean up her by slipping over the edges at the incision.
Before you fry the tomatoes, you need to understand what consistency of food I would like to get a result. This affects the amount of slicing tomatoes. For more flavor, it is best to cut the tomatoes slices, then how to obtain the sauce, or Lecho are more suitable dicing.
If you want to get more dried vegetables, after peeling, it is desirable to remove the seeds and pulp from the middle, the most saturated with moisture. In this case, are fried only the fleshy wall of the tomato.
Chopped tomatoes, place them in a pan with hot vegetable oil, season with salt, if desired, you can add dry spices.
Fry slices on one side, flip them to the other. In the preparation will inevitably stand out juice. In the case when the tomatoes are fried in a pan without a lid, it will gradually evaporate. Under the hood, the tomatoes will turn out more juicy.
Cooking time depends on the amount of products and from what degree of softness of the fruit want to get. But to fry the tomatoes for too long just doesn't make sense: such a crust, like fried potatoes, tomatoes, impossible to obtain in principle.
Useful advice
Directly before turning off the fire add to the pan a bit of dill or parsley.

Advice 2: Why wilt tomatoes

Tomato is a member of the Family Solanaceae. Despite the fact that these cultures – the inhabitants of the South, they have become a major garden plots in various regions of Russia. Gardeners when growing tomatoes confronted with some difficulties: for example, the plant wilts. Why is this happening?
Why wilt tomatoes
The lack of legitamate, like any other plant, needs proper watering. Its violation leads to the withering of plants, and in the end not to the rotting of the root system that is the cause of death of the tomato. To avoid this, seedlings watered daily, but a little better in the morning. After the pick plants watering should take place once a week, the water should be warm. Make sure that the soil is soaked completely. Before the next watering, the soil should be a little dried out. After planting tomatoes in the greenhouse watering plants once a week. Two hours after irrigation reduce the humidity in the greenhouse by opening the window and the door. The shortage of lightTomatoes – very light-requiring culture. Daylight should not be less than 12-14 hours a day, and the light intensity must be high enough. To do this, use fluorescent supplementary lighting. At a height of one meter above the young plants install lamp with energy saving lamp with power 18 watts. Boxes with seedlings, place on the Windows of the South-Western exposure. On the ground level you can put reflectors of sunlight (foil, white paper).The lack of mineral udobreniya, like any other plant, like feeding and nurturing it should at the time of planting and at flowering. During the growing season make three or four root feeding. First have to go through 20 days after planting. Per 10 liters of water put 1 tablespoon nitrophoska and 1.5-liter jar of mushy mullein. The rate of 0.5 liters per plant. The second in the early blooming of the second flower brushes. Per 10 liters of water put 1.5 liter jar of diluted chicken manure, 2 teaspoons of superphosphate, 1 teaspoon of potassium sulfate.Third – during the third blooming flower brushes. Per 10 liters of water add 1 tablespoon of complex fertilizers.Fourth 10 days after the third. Per 10 liters of water put 1 tablespoon nitrophoska. During flowering the second and third floral brushes, spray plants with a solution of boric acid (1 teaspoon per 10 liters of water). Rasteniyami disease occurs most often in greenhouses. Wilting starts from the leaves and then wilts the whole Bush. Precautions depend on the type of lesion. For example, when to treat bacterial cancer diseased tomato is impossible. Diseased plants as soon as possible destroy. Planting tomatoes in the same place leads to accumulation of diseases, which is the cause of decay. So the plants return to its former place not earlier than in 3-4 years.

Advice 3: Why blackened green tomatoes

Black spots on green tomatoes is one of the common problems gardeners. Affected fruits are not fit for human consumption. Have this trouble, there are many reasons for the occurrence.
Why blackened green tomatoes

Blackening tomatoes can trigger the usual rot, lack or excess fertilizer, excess moisture, and pests of plants. With proper care and timely treatment can save the tomatoes from this scourge.

The first step is to determine the cause of the black spots. If the black is spreading around the tomato, and the flesh underneath it's always solid and devoid of juice, then the dry plant was struck by apical rot. She appears in the excessive salinization of the soil, what happens when you make large amounts of fertilizer. The solution is simple: you need to stop feeding. In addition, the rot may appear when the lack of calcium. In this case, you can spray the tomatoes with a solution of calcium nitrate.

Tomatoes can turn black and because of the very dry soil and the so-called "vylezanija" roots to the surface. Tomatoes in this case will be hard to absorb moisture from the air that usually occurs unevenly. Hence the fruits to bruise.

The cause of the black on tomatoes may be a shortage of minerals, such as magnesium and boron. In this situation, you can make fertilizing plants with a solution of magnesium sulfate and boric acid.

Most often the tomatoes are covered with black spots due to a disease called late blight. It affects not only the fruits but also the stems and leaves of tomato. Development of Phytophthora contributes to the greater humidity, rapid temperature fluctuations, cold dew and frequent morning fogs and a little distance among the bushes. Such weather conditions are usually in August, just at the ripening period of tomatoes. If in your area the humidity is always high, should be preventively sprayed the tomatoes with Bordeaux liquid.

In addition, tomatoes can turn black due to industrial emissions. This is not insured by any gardener, the site of which is near any plant. Regardless of the reasons for the emergence of black spots, always remove affected fruits. Amazed by the green parts of plants are best to burn.

Advice 4: How to pollinate tomatoes

Tomatoes – self-pollinating crop. But sometimes under adverse growing conditions, with a lack of pollinating insects and the wind should be forced pollination to increase yields.
How to pollinate tomatoes
You will need
  • - fan
  • - electric toothbrush.
When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse make sure that during the flowering period of tomato transoms were open. This will allow a sufficient number to create movement of air currents, insects-pollinators can fly.
To increase yields, use special formulations that are sold in specialized stores for gardeners. Quite a few times during the whole period of the growing season to spray tomatoes and the yield will increase by 30-50%.
As forced pollination use the method of shaking. Every lash a little shake every day. It should be done very carefully and preferably carried out such pollination every day from the morning. After shaking, turn on a small drip spray. The pollen will dry up. Excessive moisture is also undesirable. The humidity level in the greenhouse to maintain approximately 75%.
Manual pollination with an electric toothbrush is carried out on small plots where tomatoes are not more than 100-150 units. On each inflorescence holding an electric toothbrush for a few seconds. The method is quite time-consuming if you need to do forced pollination of a large number of tomatoes.
Easier way – use a household fan. Before switching on make sure that the humidity of the air corresponds to 70-75%. At lower humidity the pollen would burst when higher – will komkovatost. The fan creates a forced air operation. Sufficient air mass is a guarantee of selfing.
Artificial compulsory pollination not only improves fruiting, but the taste of the tomatoes. Under adverse weather conditions, experts recommend forcing the pollination systematically.

Advice 5: How to roast sunflower seeds in the microwave

Microwave oven is widely used for cooking and heating a variety of dishes. With the help of a microwave you can even roast the seeds, a favorite treat of many Russians.
How to roast sunflower seeds in the microwave
In a microwave oven you can cook ordinary roasted seeds and salt. However, lovers of treats claim that they taste a bit different from the usual. But with all the nuances of the seeds won't scorch and cook very quickly.

How to roast sunflower seeds in the microwave

First of all, you need to sort and rinse the seeds under running water and carefully dried with tissue paper. Then pour in suitable dish. You need to make sure the seeds were evenly spaced. If they place a slide or scatter alone, the seeds can either not fry or burn. The perfect utensil for roasting sunflower seeds is considered a glass dish with high sides.

Cooking time depends on the type of the microwave oven. Therefore it is better to cook dough in stages. Putting the dish in the oven, include the maximum heating mode for 1 minute. Then get the plate from the microwave, stir the seeds and allow them to cool slightly. The procedure is repeated until then, until the seeds cooked through sufficiently.

Thus, it is possible to determine the optimal time of roasting. If obtaining a delicious flavored sunflower seeds it took to turn on the oven for 1 minute 4 times, the next time you prepare, you can immediately put the timer on 3 minutes. Next to get seeds from the oven, stir and put another 1 minute.

How to roast salted sunflower seeds in the microwave

As in the previous recipe, seeds first need to wash and clean from falling debris. Dry seeds, their shift into a glass dish with high sides, pour a small amount of vegetable oil and mix. Then the seeds are sprinkled with salt, finely ground and then mixed.

Thanks to the vegetable oil on the surface of the fruit of the sunflower forms a thin film. It tightly binds the husk of seeds with small grains of salt.

Set the microwave timer for 1 minute and stir fry the seeds at medium heat. Pulling the dish from the oven, stir seeds and taste. If they are not done, the procedure is repeated.

By the way, connoisseurs of cooking the seeds in a microwave oven claim that the taste of the finished product will be much better if not in a hurry to remove the dish from the microwave oven after roasting. It's enough to keep seeds in a closed and turned off oven for another 15 minutes.

Advice 6: How to pickle tomatoes in the package

In a simple plastic bag can do not just pickled cucumbers, but pickled tomatoes. That's what I suggest you do.
How to pickle tomatoes in the package
You will need
  • - tomatoes - 1 kg;
  • - garlic - 8-10 cloves;
  • - dry dill - 3-4 umbrella;
  • - sugar - 1 teaspoon;
  • - rock - salt- 1 tablespoon;
  • - hot peppers optional.
First of all, rinse the tomatoes, then let them dry or wipe them dry with a clean kitchen towel. Then with a knife on the end of each fruit make cross-cuts. By the way, to glaze the tomatoes in a small package best of all, as for brining large tomatoes need more time.
Then cut each tomato stalk and make a cut and place a small oblique incisions. As such, the vegetables, place in a package of cellophane.
Hot peppers grind together with the peeled cloves of garlic into small enough pieces. Chopped vegetables put the tomatoes in a plastic bag. Then there add the following components: dry umbrellas garlic, sugar, and coarse salt.
A plastic bag with vegetables, tying tightly, shake well several times. This must be done in order that the salt and sugar have been evenly distributed. After this procedure, the tomatoes are put in the same bag. In this form, leave them at room temperature.
At the end of the day you can remove the sample from the vegetables. If you want to have a more intense flavor, leave them in the same condition for 1 or 2 days. Salted tomatoes are cooked in the package, ready!

Advice 7: Roasted Zander: three simple recipe

Fish must be included in the diet of a healthy person. Sudak is a great choice. It does not require you to refined ingredients in order to cook a delicious and healthy dish.
Roasted Zander: three simple recipe

Recipe No. 1

This recipe for fried walleye very simple, but the fish turns out juicy, tender and soft.

You will need: 1 kg fillet of pike perch, 3 heads of garlic, 5 tablespoons mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of salt, a little black pepper, 1.5 cups of flour, 4 eggs and a little vegetable oil.

Pike perch fillet cut into medium-sized pieces.

Get cooking marinade: mix mayonnaise, salt, pepper, garlic, squeezed through press. Mix the marinade with the fillets of fish and put it in the fridge for a few hours.

Prepare the batter in which to fry perch. In one bowl mix eggs, a little salt and pepper and whisk well the mixture. In another plate pour the flour.

When the fish zamarinuetsya, you can start to fry it. Dip the fillets in batter, then in flour and place on a heated pan with a small amount of oil. Cook on a slow fire, otherwise there is a risk that the fish will burn.

Recipe No. 2

This version of the making walleye easier. For this recipe, prepare the following ingredients: 300 grams perch fillet, 2 onions, salt and pepper to taste, a little vegetable oil for frying, a little flour.

Pike perch fillet cut into small portioned pieces and sprinkle on each a little salt and pepper. After, roll the fish pieces in a small amount of flour.

Slice onions into medium sized rings and also roll in flour.

Pour into the pan 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil and wait until pan heats up thoroughly.

Put the perch and fry first on one side. Without turning, put in a pan the onion and wait until it is browned. Flip the fillets and fry until Golden brown now to the fish.

Serve with onions and herbs.

Recipe No. 3

The third option is cooking fried perch is quite unusual and piquant. It will appeal to fans of ginger and cinnamon.

You will need: 900 grams perch fillet, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, half lemon, 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, 1 teaspoon cinnamon 4-5 green onion, a little salt, mix of pepper or just black pepper, a little vegetable oil.

Finely chop the green onions.

Prepare the marinade: combine the soy sauce, 1 tablespoon water, ginger, cinnamon, chopped green onion, juice of half a lemon, a little salt and pepper.

Zander cut into small pieces, marinade and leave for about an hour.

After the fish zamarinuetsya, you can fry it in a large amount of vegetable oil. Fire select medium.

After the fillet has acquired a ruddy crust, lay them on paper towel to stack fat, after which the dish will be ready.

Advice 8: How to roast sunflower seeds

On the shelves you can see dozens of roasted sunflower seeds. But seeds in the packs are often rancid, under - or overcooked or simply tasteless. And not to be disappointed, you can buy raw sunflower seeds and roast them at home.
How to roast sunflower seeds
Choose when buying seeds medium size: small inconvenient to clean, and the peeling is too large (due to the thick husk) sore fingers or damaged tooth enamel. Raw sunflower seeds can be fried in several ways: in a skillet, in the microwave or in the oven.
To roast sunflower seeds on the stove, put on the burner pan. It is advisable to take the pan with a large diameter bottom and a low side. On a heated frying pan to pour a little (tablespoon) of unrefined sunflower oil. This will give the seeds extra flavor. However, you can do without it. Sprinkle sunflower seeds on the hot pan.
If you want to get a moderately roasted sunflower seeds (kernels light cream color), make a small fire and constantly stir the contents of the pan. Those who love slightly overcooked seeds, browned barrels, can try faster way. Put the burner on maximum power and fry the seeds 1-1,5 minutes, all the time stirring. Turn off the burner and leave the seeds to cool on the pan. After 10-15 minutes you will get tasty and flavorful sunflower seeds.
Seeds in the microwave to fry even easier. Pour a small amount of sunflower seeds on a plate and distribute them evenly. Set the microwave to medium and set timer for 2 minutes. After this time open the door and stir progressist seeds. Let them cool directly on the plate. If the seeds are not done cooking yet, or you like a different degree of doneness, repeat the process, again setting the timer for 2 minutes. The frying time can be changed: it will depend on the number of seeds and the power of your microwave oven.
In this method, the mixing of seeds after the expiry of the first period of frying is necessary. In fact, in 2 minutes they managed to only slightly dried, and "reach," then the hot from the microwave dish. If seeds do not mix, the lower part, which is in contact with the cookware will burn and the top will remain raw.
If you have dirty seeds, pour them into a colander and rinse under the tap. Pour the seeds on a paper towel and Pat dry. Turn on the oven, wait until it warms up. Sprinkle sunflower seeds evenly on a baking sheet and place in oven. The fire should be minimized. After 5 minutes stir the seeds and put in the oven. In a few minutes the seeds will begin to POWERCIAT. This means that they give off moisture. Do not miss the moment when the seeds are ready. Every 3-5 minutes take out the pan and try seeds. Once you're satisfied with the taste, remove the pan and immediately peresypaya toasted sunflower seeds in another bowl. Otherwise on a hot pan they will burn before you cool down.
Useful advice
If you like salted sunflower seeds, while cooking, pour into the pan, dish or baking tray with a little fine salt and stir.

Advice 9: Simple ways to fry fish, be it river or red

In cooking, I share a few simple ways of frying fish. The main ones are: frying fish in a pan with a small amount of oil, roasting on open coals or deep-fried. Each method of cooking has its secrets, and if you ignore them, you can ruin the fish and not get the desired result.
Simple ways to fry fish, be it river or red

Before you fry the fish in the pan, you should divide it into portions (small fish can be fried whole), RUB with salt and leave it for 10-13 minutes. To improve the taste of sea fish it can be sprinkle with lemon juice.

Once the fish is ready for frying, put a frying pan on the fire and poured vegetable oil. Fish dumped in the flour and put into the pan. The fat should cover only half the fish, so it was not too greasy. The fish turned out delicious, should put the butter.

To keep for a long time the fish in the pan is not recommended that the meat was not dry. Enough to fry it before occurrence of crunchy crispy crust and then place in the oven for 10 minutes. There are fish to reach readiness.

This method of cooking you can cook any fish.

To roast fish on an open fire on a spit, the grill or skewers. When frying fish on the grill need to be aware of one feature. To ensure that the fish did not stick to the grill, you need the rods to be lubricated with oil or lard. Then we will be able to maintain the integrity of the finished fish. Before you put the fish on the grill, it needs to be dry, RUB with salt, pepper, butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs. On the grill the fish is fried on both sides.

When frying fish on skewers will be able to preserve its integrity and sear evenly on all sides. But with this method of cooking will be able to lay in the abdomen herbs.

When roasting on the spit preference is given to sturgeon species of fish. In order to emphasize its flavor, the fish pour the creamy melted butter.

For cooking fish in the oven requires a large amount of vegetable oil, which should completely cover the fish, and dishes with thick walls and bottom. Fish should be prepared. It, add pepper, salt, lemon juice, cracked pepper and sprinkle with flour or breadcrumbs for breading. Oil you can use sunflower or olive. After the oil is warmed up, it lowered the prepared fish. You should fry until the acquisition of its Golden hue. This method prepares any fish, but especially tasty sturgeon, cod, perch or cod.

Deep-fried you can cook fish in batter. To do this, the pieces of prepared fish with a fork dipped in the batter and then put in the fryer. After frying, the fish should be put on paper in order to remove excess fat.

Fried fish are ideal side dishes of greens, potatoes, vegetables and rice. And pickles and so accentuate the unique taste. Decorate the dish of fried fish with onion rings, herbs, or lemon.

Potatoes, peeled and cut into wedges, will help to get rid of the smell of fish while cooking in the pan. To do this, it just needs to be put into the oil during frying.

Is the advice useful?