What is Smoking actually

Non-Smoking household drug, different name — nicotinism. Propaganda at the time was extensive, and gradually in the minds of people formed the idea that Smoking is a grown — up emphasizes the status shows courage, sexuality, etc. the examples are not far to seek: the commercials/banners, the scene in the movie, we see almost every day.

And you've probably attempted to give up with nicotine addiction. Most likely, these attempts have failed. Why?

Failure on the level of thinking

How we think depends on our reaction. It is enough to change part of the sentence to have the perception changed. For example: "If you will quit", "When to stop", "I can't, if it does not, it is very difficult, there is no time to do this" and the like — we remove from the lexicon.

"Throw" - "throw too much". We all get rid of that inconvenience (the place of residence, people, setting, work, etc.). And Smoking is regarded not as a habit but as a part of his life, which is troubling. You need a suitcase without a handle?

It is important to remember that is important not the situation, and your reaction to it. The right and wrong time don't exist, there is only your desire or reluctance. What choice is yours?

Overview of services

Consider services which will help to stop Smoking and to gain the support of like-minded people. Since most of us spend time on social networks, to help the group. They are called: "Be healthy! How to stop drinking and Smoking," "I don't drink or smoke", "Charity – healthy generation" and the like. Also come to the aid of the sites, for example, "don't smoke". They are easily found via Google search. Registration takes a minimum of time, and the benefits are tangible. First, you are dealing with the same as you, smokers; secondly, you meet people who have abandoned nicotine addiction; third, gain confidence: once many people have been able to live without nicotine, and live happily ever after, it's possible!

For those who are nicer or more convenient to use the smartphone also features a special application. For the same keyword (e.g., "no Smoking") find them and install any. The app that displays statistics (number of cigarettes not smoked, the money saved and time, show improved health characteristics, and so on).

Using this technical approach, you get additional incentives that will leave nicotinism much faster.

Why are you still Smoking

Fear. That your life will change. You will need to take. You will be something not to miss.

If you suffer from any kind of "if" and "and suddenly" now ask yourself the question: do you want to continue Smoking or not? Immediately, quickly and without hesitation. In the first case we break up in the second — begin to work even harder.

Write down the answers to the following questions:

  • What do you do when you smoke?
  • What do you think?
  • What you say?
  • What do you do when something bothers you, annoys or scares?
  • How would you like to stop Smoking?

I must say that the fantasy on the theme "woke up this morning and did not want to smoke" - not suitable! Look for other options. A minimum of 5. Maximum – unlimited. And similarly, in the form of questions and answers, take your own. Perhaps the exercise will not be the first time, but don't despair. The results (if you do it right) will exceed your expectations!

What's your fear?

Does it have color? Form? It is soft, hard? As it appears, in what place of your body? Or it comes from the outside? This fear belongs to you. That is, you can do what you want with it. What you want to do with it? Do. What do you feel? What would you like to feel?

Your task is to free yourself from the fear as something unnecessary, disturbing to live.

Smoking as a ritual

Or as a process. Something has occurred or some time has passed, and you began to perform certain actions before, during and after Smoking. Someone makes coffee, someone goes to a certain place and sits there in a certain way. I poured coffee, then went on to think" on the balcony, while Smoking trying to free my head from thoughts (of course, it didn't) and so on. What do you get? Watch a couple of days — what are your thoughts and actions turn Smoking into a ritual? Think about what you can replace Smoking within these same actions? For me, a substitute of steel pullups and games in the phone. You can think for yourself? Several lessons that you will not be distracted and will. Important: they must produce positive emotional charge or, conversely, to have a calming, relaxing effect.

How to trick your mind and get rid of Smoking even easier

Stop Smoking the night before. Smoke another cigarette and go to sleep. If you have installed the application, then in the morning the statistics will surprise you. Whether you want to spoil her and start all over again? Several hours passed without Smoking — have you suffered from this? Ask yourself — honestly.

Another important point — in the evening you had a smoke, and in the morning did not. Forget about "last cigarette" - it does not exist. Today, you simply do not have to smoke a lot of reasons. And because you made that decision. And because I want to. And do is your own business: to smoke or not.

What to do next? Observe yourself and your feelings. Track your stats and ask yourself: do I want to ruin your results and start over? What happens if I go back to the beginning? Be honest with yourself: no one and nothing can force you to do what you want. Lacks motivation, does not get enough desire. Ask yourself one of the first questions: why do I want to get rid of nicotinism (residential addiction)? Why is me personally, I need this?

After a few weeks you will notice that become clearer to distinguish odors. The world has opened a new, almost forgotten, faces. And the sky became lighter and the air is cleaner. At the household level, food tastes better, and feeling — brighter. Are you ready to lose it all? Or, conversely, will breathe deeper, because learned to appreciate the true good?

At some point, you instinctively reach for a cigarette. Perhaps you have any difficulty and its background is nervousness. But nicotine does not relieve symptoms and not solve the problem. Than you can help yourself, "lighting" problem?

Instead of a conclusion

You know that the "pill for everything" does not exist. There is no universal ways to rid yourself from Smoking. Desire is the Foundation on which is based your future. Is it bright and colourful or plain, shrouded in gray clouds of smoke — depends on you.