First of all, consider to the rink, where you will learn to skate backwards, there was a fence, bench or wall, for which you can hold hands and not too many other skiers, not to disturb you to learn, and you are unlikely someone has faced. Don't forget about the defense: if it is you, the fall should not happen nothing.
Getting to the ski lessons back forward, do not rush to turn around and drive in reverse. To start, push off with your hands from any supports and take a ride backwards. So you can feel that about a man feels when riding backwards.
Now take the right position. To feel more stable, put one foot at least for Palpatine in front of the other and the legs slightly bent at the knees.
Then you can begin mastering the art of. So, stand with your back to the direction where you want to go. Remember those moves that make normal movement when skating forward. Now do the same, only in reverse: put the shock foot at an angle and push down, but of pushing make a little arc.
Finally, always watch where you are going. Riding backwards, you get used to looking over their shoulder. Nothing pleasant in the fall on some kid or old lady is not going to happen.