Advice 1: How to bring yourself up to tantrums

Hysteria is rather unpleasant to others is a manifestation of human emotion. In hysterics we have no control over my reactions, my behavior, can constantly cry, laugh, insult someone. Usually people are interested in the question of how to avoid tantrums. But if you are a Maverick and want to learn how to bring yourself to this state, read our bad advice, and hysterically you will not be equal.
Show feelings as much as possible
Show feelings as much as possible. In no case do not limit yourself. If you want to achieve great passions, scream, stomp your feet, laugh, laughing, buyante. Show the world what you feel and with what force it is experiencing. The more you show emotions, even at first without them, the stronger they get you in the end, capture.
Use your imagination to the maximum. If you think that the problem is too small, think of the details and possible dire consequences of this problem. Remember the story about the lady who dropped hot sticking, and wept. When the grandfather asked her why she was crying, she said, "Here would we have children and grandchild, and would be the grandson, he could play in the kitchen. And would play in the kitchen, I could drop the hot sticking on him and burn". This is a great example of how to properly bring themselves to hysteria.
Do not try to escape from problems. Think about it constantly miss your favorite show, don't settle to go with a friend for shopping or with friends for a beer party. Sit at home, think, think about the problem. Feel sorry for yourself, focus on what misfortunes have fallen on your poor head.
Don't think about the consequences. Want revenge? Serve it hot. Do you want to destroy everything? Forward! So what, then you will be able to put for disorderly conduct, to expel from work or from home? Why do you need a sober calculation in cases of conflict? Think only about how sweet the path of vengeance.
Shoot from the hip. Well, that is actually all it may be not as perceived in a situation of emotional stress. Do not take the time to think, don't hold your breath and don't count to ten before you say what I think. Prove to everyone that you know how to fend for themselves. Then you will understand, was there a reason for emotion.

Advice 2 : As to bring the head to a nervous breakdown

Unfortunately, the situation when the Manager is rude and abusive to a subordinate indicates to his mistakes, thus humiliating him as a person, is often found. It is not necessary to pass in front of the boss, and you need to learn to defend their own interests. Why not to meet evil head of the same coin?
As to bring the head to a nervous breakdown

Strategy and battle tactics

To bring the user to a white heat you will need to learn how to beat "weak" and "sick" places of man, and to be able to protect the nervous system in combat.

Careful preparation for bringing the head to a nervous breakdown is half the battle. Biography of the chief mistakes in the work of the juicy details about his personal life will be extremely interesting topic for gossip. But alone spread gossip you are not recommended. In any organization there is a professional schmoozer or "man-radio", we can only gently give him the information.
It is advisable to find allies: nudge your colleagues who dislike the Manager, speaking "heart to heart", to act in the role of listener.

Without exception, all managers hate when they put conditions and publicly point out their mistakes and shortcomings.

The study of the characteristics of the chief will help you understand which is annoying and exhausting it: the statements about bad methods of leadership, unwillingness to follow orders and open rivalry with the head, scheming, shirking of the team from work, a systematic shifting of responsibility for other employees. Watch what "techniques" the head usually applies to "get" the subordinate. And use against him: the irony, the smile full of sarcasm, polite but dismissive tone. After some time a nervous breakdown he provided.

Protective equipment

For negotiations with the authorities must learn to prove their own opinion of the business the reasoning, feelings and emotions, even if you cry or insult. Disagreement with the behavior of the boss it is necessary to Express a relaxed and confident tone. Openly and essentially to Express that you and other employees do not like the behavior of the leader.
Fighter, showed its weakness during the talks, loses.

Learning and training special psychological techniques will help to behave calmly in any conflict situation. Imagine that between you and the head is an impenetrable wall of glass or brick, then stomping his feet and screaming head you will be completely indifferent. Use your imagination: cover boss an imaginary glass, imagine that he is dressed in a carnival costume for the buffoon that came to work in lingerie or sitting on the toilet.

Train yourself in the ability to feel indifference if necessary. Spend at home mental exercise: imagine yourself calm and cool person. When confronted with the leader play the role of a psychiatrist, which is always neutral when communicating with violent patients.
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