You can approach this process empirically and to understand what excites you, experimenting in one way or another. In the end, you have formed a set of "tools" in order to quickly increase their sexual desire.
But you can use a "scientific approach". It is based on the fact that all people are divided into groups depending on which channel of perception they have is the leading. Simply put, some most of the information from the external world obtained through the view. They are called visuals. Others prefer to get maximum information on the hearing is auditory. Third, it is important to act, they perceive the external world through bodily sensations. They are called kinesthetically.
The visual, it is easier to find "sources of inspiration". For his services videos and photos of erotic content, which helps to stimulate the process of excitation. Needless to say that the lack of such products there. Strengthen the initiation of a visual and installed directly near the bed of love big mirror in which he can contemplate himself and his partner during lovemaking.
For auditory the most arousing erotic stimulus can become the sounds themselves and a partner during sexual intercourse. You can ask a loved one to comment on his actions out loud to assess your worth. Perhaps you will enjoy using tabuisierung vocabulary – do not be shy. If the auditory must be excited independently, the best way will be read aloud a story with erotic content. You can use the services of "phone sex".
For kinesthetic the main stimulating factor – stimulation of erogenous zones. What bodily sensations could most quickly lead him to the peak of sexual arousal. Experiment with a variety of caresses, their intensity, explore your body: sometimes it can meet the strongest wave excitation for stimulation in the most unexpected places. So, for women, in addition to the traditional erogenous zones, can be extremely stimulating caresses of the hands, elbow and knee bends, neck. Some men experience arousal when my partner bites the lobes of their ears, making an erotic back massage, etc.
And, of course, most likely to be excited you can, maximally affecting all channels of perception. Let the erotic play will be involved and hearing, and sight, and tactile sensations in the complex, then it will bring real pleasure for both partners.