Learn to cheer yourself up is an art, but having mastered them once, and you'll grieve and be sad. The easiest way to cook a favorite dish, are mixed in a glass of soft drink and watch a cheerful Comedy. By the way, sweet also uplifting – tile good dark chocolate acts like a therapy session, increasing the level of endorphins. If negative emotions are overwhelming, try art therapy – paint, splash out on paper their feelings, sad thoughts, bad mood. Passing the white paper everything that had accumulated, you will feel a little relief.
Any sport will help you cope with the sadness, wallop a punching bag, take an hour stretching exercises or cardio, running through the deserted Park, charging itself with oxygen and banishing negative emotions. Accompany their classes listening to your favorite music – choose energetic and cheerful songs that will help cheer up.
A great help to cope with sadness extreme Hobbies – try to make a parachute jump, go rafting, etc. There are options and easier roller skates, skis or skateboard (at the same time gain new friends and get rid of loneliness).
Often the cause of depression is a common fatigue or lack of vitamins – fight the sadness sleep, eat colorful fruits and permanent smiles. Smile for no reason – life will certainly be brighter and more attractive for you.
Loneliness – the state is much more complex, and requires work on yourself. Find out the causes of my loneliness – maybe you expect too much of others, placing excessive demands fear of being rejected or put in his subconscious barrier. Cause loneliness is always in you – that you indulge in this sort of way of life, no matter for what reasons. To learn how to love yourself in any way – use affirmations, visualization, achieve harmony with yourself in any way. Chat – contact us with a request to unfamiliar people often visit public places, where you feel comfortable (theatres, exhibitions etc.), meditate. Always remember that loneliness is your inner feeling, and it also needs correction as sadness, depression or despondency.