You will need
  • Paper, pen
In order to begin to engage in General physical training, bodybuilding and any other sport you need to make the training schedule. For this you need a clean paper, pen and most importantly - the desire to go on your own schedule training. Outline on a sheet with four graphs horizontally and seven vertically, as denoted four workouts per week, then numbered numerically and days.
How to make a workout schedule
For professional athletes schedule be the coach, and the schedule of training can he. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday runs hard work in the power mode, at least 60% of all physical strength. Tuesday and Friday is a floating workout. It is necessary to regulate the floating of the workout depending on your condition. These days it is best at the end of training to do more GPP (General physical preparation).
During the first training month is not worth much strain. Learn as you go to adjust your own time with training days. On Thursdays, should go to bath or sauna, because it is Thursday for all athletes fasting day. Sunday needed rest, but at desire it is possible to conduct a light training session on OFP or cross.
How to make a workout schedule
Being engaged in Taekwondo for over a month, you can increase the load to 80% of physical strength. By the third month, one hundred percent putting in training three times a week will provide increased strength, good body shape and guaranteed a comfortable night's sleep after training. To make a training schedule and adhere to it, you need to have the desire, character and purpose.