Calculate the profit from the sale of products. To do this, subtract the revenue from the sale of output the total cost of these products:PR = GP – SP, gdar – value profits from the sales of the product;SP – the rate of full cost of products sold;VOP – sum of revenue from product sales.
Can find the profit from the sale. To do this, use the following formula:PR = C x V p - = V p x (I - ETS), Hesed is the value of the full cost of one unit of output;C - cost;V p – indicator of the amount of goods sold;p – the price per unit of output.
Count the profit from the revenue percentage. This index is called the margin, and the analysis of its changes over time, helps to make better management decisions. In turn, in order to find the profitability index, divide the value of profits per month on the amount of the revenue, and then multiply the resulting value by 100%. It is necessary to consider that for different types of industrial activities is characterized by its degree of profitability. However, despite all this, with the help of this indicator it is possible to compare own business with many other (similar).
Can calculate the profit in the form of the difference between revenues from sales and the sum of the cost costs. It is in the form of revenue forms the income of the company.
Please note that the main factors of the first order who make a significant impact on the value of the profit from sales of finished goods are: the cost and unit price of the finished product, the product shifts (changes) in the composition of output and sales.
Find the value of the net profit, which is part of retained earnings after paying tax and other compulsory payments. Its value depends on the amount of revenues of the firm, cost of goods, amounts of non-operating and operating income and expenses. In turn, you can calculate this indicator as the sum of the profits from product sales, profit from other operations and made the difference between the amounts of income and expenses from non-operating activities of the enterprise.