To calculate the profit of the store can be for any period of time up to one day. Usually consider for the month. To do this, the store also conducts audits on the basis of which has already displayed some numbers.Put daily revenue for the month.
Expect the procurement costs of goods sold. What product sold, find out from the audit.
Subtract the amount of revenue the cost of the purchase. The difference, which you have received is gross income.
To calculate net profit, you need to calculate all the costs that were in this month. These include: rent of shop and warehouse space, cost of electricity, salary of staff, fines, various purchases or acquisitions. These can be, for example, detergents and purchase of some equipment, such as bookcase or showcase. Fold all expenses.
Further, from gross income subtract the sum of all expenses is the net profit of the store, where you can dispose of at their discretion.
In addition to the actual earnings you can calculate the profit of the store plan. Calculation is needed in order to allow further planning, e.g. to expand or buy more equipment and to expand the shopping area. The planned profit is not always the actual profitYu, therefore it is always necessary to take into account the margin of error. That is, you can actually decrease or increase spending or sales of goods. You should also consider the seasonality of sales and the possibility of equipment failure.
Planned profit calculate:Planned sales volume multiplied by the margin. So get the anticipated revenue. Further, according to the scheme of planned revenues subtract all expenses. This is the planned profit.In some cases, to gross profit must be added to sponsorship. This term means any free attachment.