To choose posture corrector, first consult your doctor. He will diagnose the disease and advise on which brace to purchase. Yourself to do. Incorrectly chosen corset can only do harm. Correctors come in soft, medium and stiff fixation. To prevent distortion of posture, you need to wear soft proofreaders for the lumbar, thoracic or sacral spine.
If you have already received expert advice on the selection of a concealer, define your size with area of wear. Thoracic measure the circumference under the Breasts, lumbar and Sacro - abdominal circumference. In the store, it is advisable to try on several corsets from different manufacturers to determine the most comfortable option. Improper fit of the corset will be uncomfortable while wearing and can injure the skin.
It is important to wear concealer. This should be done in the morning, immediately after awakening, while the back is relaxed, and the spine as straight as possible. Put the corset at the back, smooth it out, pin wide sticky tape tight enough, but not tight. Roll onto your side, lower your feet on the floor and gently stand up from the bed.
Wearing concealer no more than the doctor recommended time during the day. Usually suggest to wear the bandage for up to two hours. Constant wearing may lead to a decrease in muscle tone of the back. Weakened muscles will cease to hold the vertebrae in position, this can be followed by complications of the disease. Remove the concealer at night. At the same time, be sure to wear it if you have high physical loads, work at home, in the garden, long driving trips and flights.