Advice 1: How to choose tights

Tights – an important part of the female wardrobe. A huge selection to choose a very difficult. Tights come in various colors, with lace or without, insulated or summer. Before you buy something, you need to decide what you want to wear them. Note some features of the choice of tights.
How to choose tights
The thickness is indicated in DEN. The lower the value, the thinner the tights.
In hot weather or for various events (dinners, parties, theatres) you need to choose a pantyhose with a density of 15 DEN.
Tights 40 DEN wear usually in the fall and spring, they are medium density and in the summer they will be hot.
But the density of 50-180 DEN suited for cold seasons or for the treatment of varicose vein disease.
To make the tights longer worn, please note the amount of Lycra). It should not be less than 10%. That's how much percent of the additives of this material provides a long wear pantyhose. If you find that this value is much higher, it's therapeutic pantyhose (medical). If the lycra is less than 10%, then they should not be taken, they will stretch and lose the original appearance.
Warm tights added acrylic (artificial wool). They are characterized by their softness, they are warm and cozy in the cold. But, they quickly form pellets.
Tights with cotton gusset can be worn without underwear.
To choose under a short skirt you need tights with no shorts. With shorts can be worn under longer skirts or breeches.
Tightsthat model figure, have a density of 180 DEN and marked with the inscription "UP".
To prevent varicose veins choose marked "Support". Their density varies from 50 to 100 DEN.
Medical types of pantyhose which have anti-cellulite effect or impregnated with medical preparations, can buy in the pharmacy. On the packaging there should be an inscription "Cleresse".
When buying any varieties of pantyhose will pay close attention to the toe. It needs to be tight, otherwise the tights will last very long.
Size you need to pick up focusing on the words: S – small, M – medium, L – large, XL – very large.
View the letter on the box with tights and compare it with the table on the back of the pack. Let's see what size it corresponds to.
The color of the tights should match the color of the clothes, but to be a tone lighter your shoes.

Advice 2 : How to choose the color of tights

Probably, the biggest thanks women deserve the inventors of tights. They have become such an essential attribute of the female toilet, and underwear. If at the beginning of its appearance in the mid-twentieth century) produced products only Nude, but today there are many colors of tights. Understand how to combine their color with the color of the clothes.
How to choose the color of tights
Black tights
Black tights slim, "pulling" leg. That's just contrary to popular belief, pick up the toilet to the black pantyhose very carefully.
Black tights fit perfectly with little black dresses having a minimum of decoration. Dark dresses with long sleeves, dark skirt and shoes to match is also preferable to wear with black tights. But bright light dress, beige skirt, and pink shoes with black tights will look wildly.
In General, there is a "Golden" method to see if black tights to a selected toilet. To do this is to try on the toilet with beige tights. If the result looks better than with black, the black to wear is not worth it.
Beige tights
Beige pantyhose, tan pantyhose – a classic of the genre. They are suitable for almost any garment, any time of day, any season and for women of any age. By the way, business dress code does not recognize the tights of a different color, in addition to bodily.
Naturally, the choice of corporal beige tights should take into account the time of year, the overall focus of the outfit. So, for wool of a business suit the perfect solution is tights 20 den density, but the lightest summer dress – tights density 5 den 100% within the skin tone.
Colored tights
Tights contraindicated in women of elegant age. For the more youthful they is a great way cost-effective way to diversify your closet, to bring in something new.
Pantyhose bright, almost extreme colors (scarlet, purple is perfectly combined with dark shades of clothes. Dark grey or black dress, black high boots and bright red tights – what the doctor ordered.
Interesting images are obtained by selection of colorful tights, fall color in the lower part of the outfit (skirt, shorts). This technique, by the way, visually lengthen legs.
The color of the tights may also be color knit top, blouse or jacket. This combination is usually a win-win.
Colored tights can be paired accessory to any object in the toilet. For example, to handbag, belt or neck scarf. If all things attire harmonize with each other, the result will be stunning.
Stylists offer another interesting solution for colored tights. They can be combined with attire of the same hue. It turns out quite interesting mono image.
Special mention deserve the patterned tights. The image looked complete, it is best still under the tights to match the dresses and skirts with length above the knees.

Advice 3 : Can I wear sandals with stockings

There are many requirements that dictate us what tights to choose shoes in a particular situation. But the traditional rule to wear sandals without stockings seem out of date when fashion shows the designers boldly combine the finest leather straps with a dense opaque nylon.
Can I wear sandals with stockings

Sandals and pantyhose: classic approach

The name of this open Shoe formed from the phrase "bare feet" so from the outset it is emphasized that neither socks, nor socks, nor stockings in conjunction with her to put on. This rule is rigidly enforced by the women of the last century, which were used exclusively as sandals summer shoes during the holidays. This is understandable – ugly low-quality tights produced in the USSR, looked unsightly. Socks stocking was not knitted, but only jotted, and the nylon is not always a tight fit legs. Nowadays, you can find tights for all tastes – without seals mating on the fingers, as close to natural skin color, finest, like a spider web, but still most women don't wear them with sandals. The only exceptions are shoes with open toe is the model allows for both socks as stockings, and without, although many consider the first bad manners.

Stockings and open toe shoes: the modern concept

Fashion recent regularly defies tradition, so, increasingly, we seen it on the presentation of seasonal collections, you can see the combination of incompatible at first glance, accessories, shoes and clothing. Now no one is surprised that bright sandals worn with thick opaque stockings with contrasting or thick dark color, and sometimes even with fantasy and even a slouchy, open-knit tights. Let someone that seems out of place, but if this combination makes the image solid and bright, why not?

Can I wear pantyhose with sandals: comfortable compromise

Why is it that you can not wear sandals with pantyhose? Two main reasons. The first is that in the open areas of legs nylons exposed to the friction of the straps of the skin, which can be formed of unattractive hands. Fortunately, the producers of tights and stockings every year to improve the technology of manufacture of this essential women's item of clothing, so their strength can not be afraid. And the second reason is that even the most transparent nylon stretched onto the toes spoil the impression of the image, will forgive him. In that case, agile manufacturers of pantyhose invented a convenient and practical innovation models, with open fingers, they are toeless or in the French manner sans pointes. So if you are wearing sandals with stockings, let it be the right product made of nylon.
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