The first thing you should pay attention when choosing crab sticks – their appearance and the data of the manufacturer. If the sticks look neat and smooth, and their packaging contains all the necessary information about the composition, date and conditions of storage, most likely before you a quality product that will not bring unpleasant surprises after thawing. Prefer crab sticks in the package. It protects them from external impacts, while maintaining product original taste and appearance.
Order crab sticks have not lost their richness, they need to defrost at room temperature. Remove them from the packaging and place on a plate. To release each stick from a plastic film is not necessary, it is better to remove after the product is completely thawed. This method of thawing is the most optimal to preserve all the useful and taste of crab sticks.
In cases where the sticks need to be defrosted quickly, you can use a microwave. To do this, loosen the crab sticks from all elements of the packaging and put them in a microwave safe container. Cover the dish with a lid and defrost in the oven using a "fish". During this procedure, a wand will lose some moisture, but their flavor is not affected.
If the microwave oven is not, and sticks need to be defrosted right now, you can use the following option. Hold the stack with crab sticks for a few seconds under running water. The water should not be too hot, otherwise the product will lose not only useful properties, but also the appearance.
To prepare rolls of crab sticks, you must first unfreeze them, and then hold it for a while (a minute) in a water bath or just for a couple. So crab sticks will reveal faster and better.