Advice 1: How to thaw crab sticks

Crab sticks are an essential part of a variety of everyday and festive snacks. Housewives appreciate this product for its affordable price, compactness, ease of storage and easy to use. Like every frozen product, shrimp must be defrosted under certain conditions.
How to thaw crab sticks
The first thing you should pay attention when choosing crab sticks – their appearance and the data of the manufacturer. If the sticks look neat and smooth, and their packaging contains all the necessary information about the composition, date and conditions of storage, most likely before you a quality product that will not bring unpleasant surprises after thawing. Prefer crab sticks in the package. It protects them from external impacts, while maintaining product original taste and appearance.
Order crab sticks have not lost their richness, they need to defrost at room temperature. Remove them from the packaging and place on a plate. To release each stick from a plastic film is not necessary, it is better to remove after the product is completely thawed. This method of thawing is the most optimal to preserve all the useful and taste of crab sticks.
In cases where the sticks need to be defrosted quickly, you can use a microwave. To do this, loosen the crab sticks from all elements of the packaging and put them in a microwave safe container. Cover the dish with a lid and defrost in the oven using a "fish". During this procedure, a wand will lose some moisture, but their flavor is not affected.
If the microwave oven is not, and sticks need to be defrosted right now, you can use the following option. Hold the stack with crab sticks for a few seconds under running water. The water should not be too hot, otherwise the product will lose not only useful properties, but also the appearance.
To prepare rolls of crab sticks, you must first unfreeze them, and then hold it for a while (a minute) in a water bath or just for a couple. So crab sticks will reveal faster and better.

Advice 2: How to kill hair stick

Modern fashion hair style for women are very diverse. This is especially true of the use of all kinds of accessories for hair. Headbands, hair clips, rhinestones, ribbon and even the Chinese sticks. Especially beautiful hairstyles with chopsticks look at the long hairAh. Themselves sticks need to be carved or stones to enhance the beauty of hair. Consider one of the most popular variants of such hairstyles site.
How to kill hair stick
Prepare a thick elastic band for hair, a comb and two decorated chopsticks for hair.
Comb hairs along the entire length, lay them in a high ponytail with a rubber band.
Tighten the hairs in a tight bundle along the entire length in a clockwise direction.
Make the head around the elastic knot from the harness in the shape of a spiral, move clockwise.
The index and middle fingers of the left hand pull the remaining tail of hair through the center of the resulting node, the right hand hold the node.
Hold the left hand knot with a ponytail, right start to fix the first rod in the node.
Symmetrically to the first secure the second rod. Flatten tail, so it went smoothly and gently. Hairstyle is ready.

Advice 3: How to fry crab sticks

Due to the simplicity and speed of cooking fried crab sticks are one of the most popular dishes, which is suitable for both everyday and festive table. They turn out very tasty, tender and juicy.
How to fry crab sticks
You will need
    • Crab sticks – 400 grams;
    • cottage cheese – 200 grams;
    • garlic – 4 cloves;
    • mayonnaise – 4 tablespoons;
    • beer – 200 ml;
    • water 150 ml;
    • eggs – 4 pieces;
    • flour – 200 grams;
    • salt – ½ teaspoon;
    • vegetable oil.
Prepare the stuffing for crab sticks. Connect grated on a fine grater cheese and passed through chesnokodavilku garlic and mix thoroughly. To obtain a thick mass.
Crab sticks gently expand. In the middle of each put about 1 teaspoon of filling, flatten it out and roll the wand, giving it the original shape.
Prepare the beer batter. To do this, gently the egg whites separate from the yolks. Proteins put in the refrigerator. Yolks place in a bowl, add salt and a little mash. Pour the egg yolks water and cold beer, and lightly whisk the mass with a fork or whisk. Gradually add the sifted flour and knead the dough. The consistency should be the same as for pancakes. Chilled whites beat with a mixer into a thick foam, so that when you flip the bowl of beaten egg whites it is not poured. Add them to the batter and mix gently.
In a deep frying pan heat the vegetable oil. The amount of oil should be such that frying it completely covers a crab stick.
Stuffed crab sticks neatly to wear on a fork, dip in batter and fry in hot oil until Golden brown.
Useful advice
When buying crab sticks pay attention to their appearance. The surface should be evenly colored and feels elastic. The packaging should not be an icy crust. It indicates that the product has been re-freezing, and therefore, when cooking crab sticks will not be juicy enough. Also, try not to buy sticks in bulk, in this case, there is no guarantee that the product is fresh, as there is no information about its expiry date, manufacturer, and composition.

Advice 4: How to quickly defrost fish

The fish has a rather delicate structure and requires a delicate approach to the issues of thawing. The best place to thaw frozen fish carcasses is the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. This process takes an average of 5-6 hours. If you can't wait, defrosting can be accelerated.
How to quickly defrost fish
You will need
  • - deep bowl;
  • - cold water;
  • plastic bags;
  • microwave;
  • - microwave safe container.
Remove the fish from the freezer. Wrap the carcass or steaks in a few plastic bags to thaw fish does not stain the sink, and the taste of the product has not suffered from excessive moisture. Place the bundle in a sink or deep bowl filled with water about half. Turn on cold water and keep the fish under running until, until it is ready for butchering. On average, the process takes 1.5 hours depending on the size of the fish.
If you are forced to conserve water, leave the fish in the tank filled with cold liquid. Completely replace the water in the sink or a bowl every half hour. This method will increase the time of thawing of the product. Do not use for defrosting fish hot or warm liquid. Or lost most of the nutrients contained in the product, and the taste of it is much worse. Fish fillet and minced in water thawed.
To quickly defrost fish and fish products in a microwave oven. Put desired amount of fish in a bowl designed for use in the microwave. Choose the defrost mode with the subsection "fish", specify the amount of product and turn on the device. Do not forget to periodically remove the dish from the oven and transfer the pieces for more even defrosting. A significant drawback of this technique is that the size of the microwave allows you to defrost it large carcasses of fish.
It is not necessary to thaw the fish intact until the end, slightly frozen carcass to clean much easier and faster. In some cases, frozen pieces of fish can be cooked without thawing. In this case add a few extra minutes to the time of the heat treatment. Thawed fish should not be subject to re-freezing, it will significantly degrade its nutritional value.

Advice 5: Crab sticks in batter: appetizer in 5 minutes

The crab sticks themselves are a popular snack, and cooked in batter, they turn into a delicious dish to the holiday table is not ashamed to submit. The batter called the batter intended for frying of different products. It coats the shrimp, makes them juicy and tender.
Crab sticks in batter - delicious dish

Recipe crab sticks in batter

To cook crab sticks in batter, you will need:
- 250-300 g of crab sticks;
- 100 g of mayonnaise;
- vegetable oil;
For the batter:
- 2 eggs;
- 2 tbsp flour;

The batter can be prepared both chilled and frozen crab sticks (they must be defrosted). Clean crab sticks from the film. Prepare the batter. To do this, whisk a wooden phallus pre-chilled eggs, then add the flour, a pinch of salt and give everything a good stir until smooth. Dip shrimp in batter and fry on both sides in a frying pan with hot oil. Before serving, put the finished crab sticks in the dish and pour mayonnaise.

Recipe crab sticks marinated and batter fried

Spending just 5-10 minutes more time, you can prepare spicy shrimp in the marinade and batter. You need to take:
- 200 g crab sticks;
- 500 ml vegetable oil;
For the marinade:
- 1 tbsp of lemon juice;
- 1 tsp vegetable oil;
- 1 tsp soy sauce;
- white pepper.
For the batter:
- 3 eggs;
- 100 ml of milk;
- 50 g of flour;
- 5 g lemon zest;

Prepare the shrimp: when you need to defrost, remove the shell. Combine lemon juice, soy sauce, vegetable oil, white pepper and lightly whisk. Pour cooked marinade crab sticks and set aside for 10 minutes. At this time, prepare the batter. To do this, separate the yolks from the whites. Add the whites a little salt and whisk in cool foam. Then add grated on a small grater, lemon zest, and gently mix, refrigerate. Yolks thoroughly with salt. Then pour the milk and flour and give everything a good stir. Carefully connect the resulting mass with chilled whites and mix all components until smooth. Marinated crab sticks dip in the prepared batter and fry in deep fat for 2-3 minutes, constantly turning.

Recipe crab sticks in beer batter

For cooking crab sticks in beer batter you will need:
- 250 g crab sticks;
- vegetable oil.
For the batter:
- 1 egg;
- 4 tbsp of flour;
- 50 ml of light beer;
- ½ Lemon;

Chilled or thawed crab sticks (exempt from film) spread out on a plate, lightly season with salt and pepper and drizzle with lemon juice. Whisk the egg until frothy. Pour in beer, sprinkle in the flour and mix all the ingredients until smooth. Dip crab sticks in the prepared batter and fry in very hot vegetable oil until zolotisty.

Advice 6: Crab sticks: benefit or harm

Crab sticks in Russia are very popular, as they are used for cooking various salads, appetizers and other dishes. An important role was played by the low cost of the product and its availability, how to buy crab sticks can be almost any store.
Crab sticks: benefit or harm

The composition of crab sticks

Contrary to popular belief and according to studies many test purchases, low cost crab sticks provided by the lack of even a small portion of crab meat.

Usually the structure of this ready to use product composed of minced fish, starch and soy protein. These ingredients are pressed and generously sdobrivayut crab flavor and slightly similar in taste to the meat of this marine life. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous manufacturers do not use minced fish, and only fish by-products that throw a pity.

So if you like to add shrimp to salads, the store carefully study their composition. Relatively good quality product should include surimi (commercial name of minced fish), drinking water, starch, egg protein, soy protein, vegetable oil, sugar and salt as well as stabilizers and flavor enhancers. Of course, these crab sticks will not bring you any benefit, but great harm from them will not.

The harm and benefit of crab sticks

The benefit of this product is close to zero, as they quite can be called a natural product. The method of preparation of surimi practically excludes from minced fish are all healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. In the finished product contains only fish protein, well, if surimi is prepared from offal, and the latter are still quite small.

Much more can be said about the harms of crab sticks. In order to understand its possible degree, just study the composition of the product. Commonly when cooking crab sticks are used food additive E171, Е160, E450 and E420 that are being banned in the food industry, but can be a cause of exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, allergies and others.

Another important factor is minced fish, part crab sticks, not subjected to preliminary heat treatment, so a high hazard microbiological contamination. All, of course, depends on the manufacturer and checking on the food of the competent authorities, but the average consumer should seriously fear the presence of harmful and dangerous microorganisms. Especially not to buy the crab sticks in bulk even at very low prices and should give preference to the products in the package.

Advice 7: Can I eat crab sticks on a diet

During weight loss want to eat not only healthy, but tasty. Therefore, people struggling with excess weight, trying to think of different recipes that will help to diversify the daily menu. But not all low-calorie foods you can eat on the diet. For example, crab sticks one diet allowed and the other banned.
Can I eat crab sticks on a diet

Crab sticks, what is it?

Unfortunately, the crab sticks in its composition do not have crabs. This product made of surimi - minced fish, and the cheapest. Marine life is thoroughly washed and treated, which turns the stuffing tasteless. To crab sticks have an attractive appearance and aroma? they add monosodium glutamate, and to extend shelf life and add more preservatives. Thanks to all of the additives, the meat acquires a pleasant taste, aroma and looks juicy, though superficially he doesn't look like crab meat. To illustrate on sticks applied bold stripes.

After all the manipulations get crab sticks or how to read the packaging, simulation. Of course, for a healthy diet this product is not well suited as nutritionists speak negatively about food production. According to them, all filled with additives and brewed and processed at the plant should be removed from the menu.

Crab sticks and diet

Calories in crab sticks a little. 100 grams of product 73 kcal. I ate crab sticks for weight loss? the answer is very difficult, it all depends on what diet is selected. For example, if the person takes off weight by counting calories, then a couple sticks for lunch to eat. The main thing is not to go beyond the norm of consumption of calories. Those people who follow a specific diet, then you need to look specifically permitted and prohibited products.

In any case, if during the diet people decided to eat crab sticks, before buying the product, it is recommended to study composition. In the first place in the list of ingredients needs to be surimi. If he stands on the second place, it is necessary to abandon such a product, minced meat in it at least.

Diet crab sticks

There is a diet for crab sticks. It is simple and not time consuming. In order to throw off the hated pounds? should be within 3-4 days to eat two products: crab sticks and yogurt. On the day allowed 200 grams of each product. All the food should be divided into 5 meals, the portions should be the same. Is recommended at regular intervals of time.
In such a diet the body gets only 300 kcal. A deficit in which a person begins to lose weight. During the diet need drink plenty of water and green tea. This will help to cleanse the body of toxins.
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