Go for a walk. Fresh air, nature and silence around - that's what you need young couple for a good time. You will have the opportunity to talk without prying, to get to know each other better, to bond. A romantic feel will add a visit to zoos and terrariums.
Organize a picnic. To make a surprise for your sweetheart is always nice. Think in advance of itinerary, place and menu for your picnic. the nearest clearing in the center of town, the forest beyond - to choose only to you. It is possible to arrange Hiking, and you can arrange a real holiday. A bottle of champagne, fruit, chocolates - all this creates a nice romantic atmosphere will certainly appreciate your guy.
Visit a cafe or restaurant. For romance, book a table in the corner that you were in a more secluded spot and had the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with each other. Candles, the waiter polite and pleasant music will please both you and your guy.
Take a trip to a nearby city. Combines a little adventure works on the newly started relationship. It will allow you to open up and get to know each other in a new environment and unfamiliar situations. You can use the services of tour operator and book a tour or to arrange everything yourself. You will need to buy tickets for train or bus, to get to know the Internet addresses of several hotels where you can stay and organize a cultural program. The drive will also give a lot of pleasant moments, because there is nothing better than to spend a few hours alone, enjoying the beauties of nature outside the window.