You will need
  • - invoice;
  • journal of accounting;
  • print.
The entire advance payment for the goods make an advance invoice. Each document capture under your serial number, fill without corrections, blots of ink black or blue. On each Deposit make a separate texture. Spend the entry in the register of sales under the same sequence number.
Fill in all the blanks advance invoice in accordance with the requirements of article No. 168 of the tax code. Name of the organization and payer organization enter the full name without abbreviations. All records must be easily readable. Make each document a taxpayer identification number for your organization.
In the "buyer" pay not only the full name of the organization or full name of a private person, but all the coordinates for communication: legal address of organization, individual entrepreneur or home address of a private person, postal, Fax for communication.
The column "Product or service" fill in full name, no abbreviations, be sure to make full value of the goodsand the prepayment tax rate for the goods in percentage. Tax amount does not increase, making thousands of rubles and kopecks.
Each electronic invoice must be signed by the head of the company, the chief accountant, the storekeeper, issuing the goods, be rectangular and official stamp of the issuing organization, the receipt, pinned in the upper right corner.
Any advance payment you are obliged to issue within 5 working days from the date of payment of cash to the cashier of the enterprise. In the sales book make the entry immediately after placing the invoice, put your signature, the signature of the chief accountant and the head.
All the information about the advance Deposit in the program 1C. Tax inspection permits entering information immediately after making advance payments or 1 time in the three months before the scheduled report.