If there is a possibility for such a situation, think: why should asking for a waiver to be offended. Because usually ask that people do not have to. Therefore, offended by the failure silly. Sometimes it happens that someone provided a service and waits for a response, and in fact, this requirement, out of politeness clothed with the request. In this case the situation is more complicated, and the best solution – it will not fall, that is, not to accept services from a personthat you will be hard to repay anyway. Just offer a person assistance in some other form. If they refuse, write down it in a minus and in the future try to help. And draw conclusions in order not to get into trouble.
Most often the person who asks for something too hard, is a normal manipulator. Major services on his part was not and likely will not. Just the fact that you helped him once, for him sufficient reason to contact you again. And so on to infinity, kindness is punished. Sometimes you don't want to explain the reasons for the refusal, and rightly so. This can give beggars a reason to argue, and you can force lie that unpleasant. Delve into an explanation of personal circumstances you can force only the investigator, and then only in a limited number of cases. So don't complicate your life – decided to deny, deny, without explaining anything in detail. Just tell me – I can't, that's enough.
To soften the refusal, offer to help solve the problem differently. Tell me what you happy to help, but I can't in this situation to do as I ask. But differently can help, and will gladly do it. If the person who asks from you, respects your time and effort, he will not be offended. And the relationship with the fans to solve problems for others – not the relationships that really need to be protected.