Start with determining the purpose of purchasing a BlueTooth dongle. This is a very important step, because many adapters don't work with all possible devices. If you need to connect the adapter, say, to the TV, choose equipment that does not require installing additional drivers. These BlueToothadapters are a bit more expensive, but are the most versatile.
Note the transmission speed supported by BlueTooth adapter. This is a very important feature if you plan to use the equipment to connect the mobile phone as a modem. It is better to purchase an adapter, capable of operating at a speed of 50-60 kbps.
To connect to computer, wireless equipment, for example a keyboard or manipulators, you will need a special adapter that can work with HID devices. It is worth noting that some adapters are capable of simultaneously serve multiple devices. If you plan to connect to your PC to various wireless equipment, then select multi-function BlueTooth adapter.
Another important characteristic is the range of signal propagation. Purchase a BlueTooth adapter Class 1 if you plan to use it in conjunction with the wireless headset. The maximum distance between devices is 100 meters in open space. In the apartment or house, the figure is reduced to 30-40 metres. Class 2 is designed for the creation of a network, the signal's range which is 10 meters.
If you connect the adapter to the mobile computer, use mini device. This will protect them from accidental breakage, and will allow you to use the USB ports that are too close to each other.