You will need
  • - notary statement;
  • - personal documents or heirs of the testator;
  • - documents for the cottage;
  • - death certificate;
  • - the documents confirming the kinship with the deceased.
If you make the cottage after the death of the testator, refer to the notary at the location of the property a statement. Present your passport, documents of title to the country, the death certificate of the testator, proof of your relationship, copy of marriage certificate if you or the decedent changed the name.
The notary will open the case of inheritance. If the cottage is not bequeathed to all the heirs would receive equal shares of the property 6 months after the death of the testator. If there is a will, the notary will read out the last will of the testator to all heirs and the country will go to whom she bequeathed. If the will is written, indicating more persons, the cottage will belong to the heirs in equal shares. If section have any disputes, they are resolved in arbitration court or court of General jurisdiction.
After receiving the certificate of inheritance, contact, FPRC, present your valid passport, documents of title to the cottage, certificate of inheritance, complete the application, pay the state fee for the registration. After 1 month you will be given a certificate of ownership, and you will be able to dispose of the legacymeters at its own discretion.
If you want to buy a cottage in the inheritance during his life, then you need to go to the notary with the passport and documents on the country. The notary office will present an extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan of the land, certificate of ownership, extract from the cadastral records in the country house that you can get in the BTI. You must also produce a certificate of the cadastral value of the land and a country house.
The notary will make the will, in which you can specify one or more heirs and the proportion of each that after your death to avoid disputes and litigation.
At any time during your life you will be able to revoke a will or to draw up a new document. Valid will be the last in date will.