Some girls stop at every shop window with dresses on a crinoline and see off with a sigh white limousines. But it is not so effective way: a man may think that you just dream of a beautiful celebration, not about how to connect it with his life. In other words, it looks as if you wanted to get married in principle, but not specifically for him. But if you were at the wedding of relatives or friends, be sure to discuss this event. Listen: it evaluates like making plans? So, your goal is near.
Another permitted method: casually put a romantic evening movie about the engagement and the wedding. Comment on action heroes ("that's so romantic" or "solid pink syrup") and watch his second half. Surely he will Express an opinion about how should look the offer hands and hearts. Only do not resort constantly to such treatment a man will smell a rat.
Listen to his words, plans and dreams. Sure you talk a lot about their relationship and about the future. Pay attention to how often he discusses with you long-term plans and consider what place they have you. If a bunch of kids and combines old age has always featured in them, then do not worry because not yet submitted proposals. Most likely, the man himself will soon gather my courage and get on one knee. Try to call the boy Frank, you talk about how you see yourself in a few years, and some in old age.
Don't hide the fact that want a wedding. Straight text for the majority of men is far more effective than vague hints. If neither of the above situations have prompted your partner to talk about marriage, take the initiative into their own hands. Let your man know that marriage for you is a beautiful holiday and a symbolic proof of seriousness to be together for a lifetime. And when he realizes that the life has already begun, will not dare to disappoint you.
Choose the right time to talk about the wedding, but don't start it immediately with the style of dress and brand of limo. The topic of conversation should be your feelings for him, your willingness to spend your life with and share all the happy and difficult moments. If a man has done you suggestions at the same moment, not skandalte and do not put ultimatums. It is important to learn about its principle of solidarity in the life plans. Remember that it is important not only to speak but also to demonstrate in fact, patience, ability to negotiate, to compromise.