Get to know the market. Start with consideration of the competitive environment, draw conclusions about the necessity and possibility of opening another point, similar to many. The surest option is to know all the weaknesses of competitors and to take them into account when opening.
Develop a concept salon. You should clearly understand for whom you will work, what prices to set and who to focus. An ideal variant - to take away 5-10% of the prices of major competitors. You must define the list of services.
Attract professionals. You'll need to find a first-class masters with work experience. Well, if they will have a ready customer base, which will peremenitsya them in your future salon. Make it easy, so get ready to lure professionals good conditions of work, and most importantly - high pay.
Locate the room. It can be charged in rent or purchased on property. In both cases, the premise should be located in area free from competitors (or minimum number), within walking distance of public transport and car Parking customers.
Complete your salon. Furniture is better to make to order, given the direction of the cabin. Chairs for masters and clients, as well as devices for works sold in specialized stores, salons (for example, CNI is engaged in distribution of equipment for the nail industry). Be sure to post the certificates and diplomas of your employees in a prominent place.
Register as an individual entrepreneur, and execute all necessary documents to the tax office and get to work.