You will need
  • - hair dye;
  • an oxidizer;
  • - I will.
When painting use colors cool colors they have in the name of the word "pearl", "pearl", "ash", "platinum", "Sandra".
Prefer professional tools for painting. The difference in price between them and the paints that are sold in stores household chemicals is small, but with the salon makeup is easier to predict the result that will the hair after dyeing. In addition, a professional paint allow you to choose the desired percentage of oxidizing agent, used in dyeing, which is important for those who care about the condition of the hair. Oxidant with a high content of peroxides is justified only in case of strong bleaching hair, while lightening 2-3 shades it will only desiccate the hair.
Purchase so-called mixton – dyes, reinforcing certain shades of hair or neutralizing unwanted tones. Maxtone usually sold in shops of professional cosmetics, in addition, they can be ordered online. To give hair an ashy shade used gray, blue and green (also called anti-red) color. They are added to the color mixture with an oxidizing agent prior to application to the hair. The number likstanov needed for dyeing a particular tone, different for different manufacturers. It is stated in the instructions in centimeters, because meekstone before adding to the mass of the ink squeezed out of a tube on the line.
If you want to give a light tone and existing hair color, bleaching powder, use a paint tone on tone appropriate to it. You can also tint hair with regular paint ashen hueusing a weak oxidizing agent is 1.8%. Due to the low content of peroxide tinting won't damage hair and will give the desired shade.