If you bought a new iPhone-even to turn it on you need a computer and installed on it iTunes. So in any case you will have to open the official Apple website (, and under iTunes download the same application. Downloading the installation file, run it and install, following the prompts of the installation wizard.
Start iTunes and connect your iPhone using the USB cable to the computer. The phone will display the battery indicator, and in the iTunes menu located on the left side of the program window, the "Devices" section, the subsection will appear: the iPhone. Later you will be able to understand all the intricacies of controlling the phone through iTunes, but for now, to copy music files from computer to iPhone, go to "media Library".
Clicking here the section "Music" in the main window, you certainly will not find any of the songs — the music will have to add manually. By the way, iTunes you can then use as a regular media player: watch movies, listen to music. To add your recordings to your iTunes library, drag the folder of music directly into the program window.
After iTunes finishes adding music to your library, you will only have to select with the mouse those albums or songs that you want to record on the iPhone and drag them into the section "Device" menu which is located on the left side of the program window. The application procedure is completed synchronization, which can take several minutes (depending on the number of selected audio).