To listen to iPhone music, use the free software iTunes from Apple. After installing the program on your computer from the official website of the company run it and connect your iPhone to the computer.
Next on the menu of this program in the left part of the window, where is section "Device", the subsection will appear iPhone. Go to the section "media Library" and then in a section called "Music", where initially nothing. You need to drag any tracks into this folder using the mouse.
After creating the list of files to listen to, all tracks and albums using the mouse send to menu "Devices". After synchronization you can open the phone in the appropriate folder, and listen to downloaded music on iPhone.
If you want to delete music tracks, open the iTunes folder called "Music", after which remove what you are already interested to listen. Next, open your iPhone in iTunes, select the folder "Music", and synchronize by pressing the appropriate button.
If the proposed Apple iTunes not those works that you wanted to hear, you can download tracks from the Internet. However, the problem is that iPhone only supports Apple Lossless format, the music which one can hardly find in the network where the most common are flac and ape. In this case, you can use one of the programs converters, for example - X Lossless Decoder is a universal audio Converter that works with a large number of formats.
In the settings specify the desired output format – in this case, Apple Lossless, and then drag the mouse file the required track on the program's icon. Automatic conversion converts music files in the desired format. Then just drag the files to the desired format in ITunes and then to your iPhone, where you can listen to these musical works.
Also, as an option, you can listen to the track and through the mobile Internet search engine Yandex. Simply enter a search string the name of the song - the music function response allows you to listen to music on the iPhone as with the direct presence in the browser or in the background.