You will need
  • - pieces of fabric;
  • - threads;
  • - sintepon, wool;
  • - buttons, beads;
  • - braid lace;
  • - wool yarns.
Think about what toys you want to draw from tissue. Flat crafts to perform is not difficult, make it if you are just beginning to sew. On a sheet of paper, draw a silhouette of an animal of the desired size. Cut out the pattern.
Fold the fabric in half face inside, if you turn the toy. Put it on a template, trace the outline with a pencil or tailor's chalk. If you want to make a toy from a different fabric, trace the template on two pieces of cloth, observing the front and inside.
Cleave the fabric with pins. Hand or machine stitch the details of the toy, leaving unsewn a place for getting your products. Please note on the lines wrenched the toy sew straight stitches, and the one that don't need to turn out, garnish with overlock seam.
Trim excess fabric, make incisions in several places. Remove the toy using a pencil, carefully spreading the details. Tamp crafts polyester batting or cotton and sew the hole hidden or overlock stitch.
Using hidden stitches make a snout of the animal, do the folds on the torso. Acrylic paints, draw the finished toy's eyes and mouth, or sew beads. Decorate crafts with braid or buttons.
A little harder to make cloth surround toys. Vykroyte on paper the details of all the parts of the body or of the body in this case, note that the head and legs can be composed of 4-6 items. Cut out the templates and label them.
Take a piece of fabric of different colors. Lay the templates on the relevant matter, observing the front and inside, as well as equity thread. Circle all the parts and cut them out leaving a seam of 5 mm.
How many pins or baste the parts of the toy. Stitch detail, don't forget to leave unsewn areas in inconspicuous places.
Remove the parts on the front side. If you want to the limbs of the toy was bent, paste inside the detail the wire. Tamp torso wool, acrylic or polyester batting. Hidden seam detail sew toys from fabric.
Connect all the parts together with hidden stitches. To hands and feet moved to the body sew the small buttons and legs cut slits that are sewn. "Fasten your seat" legs to the body of the toy.