You will need
  • - 20-digit number the loan account of the security Council of the Russian Federation;
  • - the date of the loan agreement;
  • - a plastic card or cash.
In the main ATM menu, select "loan Repayment".
In the opened on the screen form in the appropriate blank line, type dvadtsatiletnej number loan account your loan. Below enter the date of the credit agreement. Enter the date in the format "DD.MM.YYYY" (ie, two digit date, two digit month and four digit year of the loan agreement). Click "Next" (if the ATM touch screen, then tap your finger on the screen for the appropriate command).
If you have entered the correct loan account number and date of the loan agreement, the popup window will open with your personal information, namely name, surname and patronymic, the data of the credit agreement and the loan account, the amount payable for the current date by the amount of repayment of principal on the loan and the interest on the borrowed money.
Shall be paid the amount not less than that specified. You can round the amount upward since the ATM does not accept metal money and does not give change. Thus, can round to 10, 100 and 1000. The amount of the overpayment will go to reducing the principal debt on the loan. Accordingly, interest for the use of money in the next billing period will be calculated taking into account the amount of the overpayment and will be less than the amount specified in the payment schedule.
Direct payment go to the next menu. In the corresponding blank line will automatically indicate the amount of the scheduled payment. In this row you can specify the amount you'll pay.
In the next window you'll be asked to make a transfer of funds from or show on the screen the distribution of the sum (i.e., what amount goes to the payment of interest obligations and what the repayment of principal). This function can be avoided, as the receipt will indicate the posting payment amount for these two positions.
Click "Pay". If you are paying cash, then following the instructions, enter the payable amount.
After payment, you will receive a check.