What contests should you choose?

You probably already thought about what to give a child a birthday party and what dishes to cook. Left to think what to do with guests, so they were interesting and fun to use up her energy, but at the same time not excited. Well organized holiday playtime interspersed with moving, and rightly so. Much depends on the age of the children. Special attention needs to be mixed-age company when together are both toddlers and schoolchildren.
Outdoor games can be done in the yard.

"Quiet" contests

A large children's company can be divided into several groups. Educational contests is good for any age, but the possibility of nursery children and older preschoolers are different. Kids can be offered, for example, folded several large fragments figure. Cut out a large circle and some ovals. Invite the kids to fold the flower. Who is faster and more correct to do it – and he won. Just do not forget that should be rewarded and losers. Fold you can, of course, not only flower, but many other simple pictures – house, car, dolls. To collect pictures on the floor or on the table, by design or by sample. This contest is suitable for children of preschool age, only pictures should be more difficult. Uneven-aged company can be divided into teams so that each has included small and large children.

Draw with your eyes closed

A lot of fun is for kids drawing with my eyes closed. Take two large sheets of drawing paper. Draw on them the same shape (for example, the contours of the face or the body). Ask participants to look closely at the pictures. Tie two guys eyes (don't forget under the bandage lay a strip of clean paper), move to the worksheet and asked to draw eyes or nose. Following a couple of players draws mouths, ears etc, regardless of who wins, this contest is a lot of fun.
Ensure that the path to the picture the participant had no foreign objects on which he may stumble.

Find the same color

If you spend the holiday on the street or in a large room, you can hold mobile contests. For example, present the card or an object of a particular color. At the signal, everyone starts to search for each other clothes of the same color. With older preschoolers such a contest will be held in a small room. In this case, they touch the object, and just call it. You can ask children to find objects of a certain shape, to bring or call them.

There is always the quest

Quest is always interesting and fun if it to prepare. It can last the whole holiday. You need to consider several caches. If you assume the two teams must be an even number of caches. Two laid any items that participants will be looking for. In the remaining recesses of the place cards. The cards can be pictures, puzzles, quotes from famous children's works. Guess where the team needs to go further, it should be not too easy but not particularly hard, otherwise the kids will lose interest. The winner is the first team to find the artifact. The plot can be anything. Participants can seek a gift for the birthday child, save the Princess, to seek the treasure.

Music competitions

If the house has real or toy musical instruments, you can conduct music competitions. One of the ways to do so. Place the screen so that children did not see what you are playing. Knock on the drum, blow the whistle, shake the maracas. Children have to guess the instrument. Despite the fact that the competition seems easy for toddlers and even preschool age it is quite complicated. To those who guessed correctly, give the chip. The winner is the one who will gather more chips. Prizes are given to all participants.

Dress made of paper

This contest especially like girls. You will need several rolls of toilet paper and a plastic clip. Each participant needs paper to create a dress. You can play fashion designers, princesses, or to come up with a game goal.