You will need
    • Shrimp
    • fried with soy sauce:
    • shrimp 500 g;
    • soy sauce 50 ml;
    • butter 30 g;
    • sea salt.
    • Shrimp with garlic:
    • shrimp 500 g;
    • olive oil 2-3 tbsp;
    • 5 garlic cloves;
    • sea salt.
Prepare shrimp. You'll need large shrimp in the shell (king or tiger). They can be frozen or cooked and frozen. In the first case, boil a half-liter pots of water, a little sunflower water, put a slice of lemon, a Bay leaf and a few peas of pepper. Add frozen shrimp to the water, hold on low heat for a few minutes and drain in a colander. After the water has drained, the prawns can be fried. Cookedfrozen shrimp do not require treatment with boiling water, so you can just defrost. If you need to do it quickly, then dip them in hot water (not boiling) for a minute.
Cook shrimp with soy sauce. Heat a deep frying pan (skillet) on high heat, put into it a small piece of butter and let melt. Put in a saucepan shrimp and quickly sauté over high heat, turning constantly, for three minutes. Reduce heat and pour in the soy sauce. Stir contents of the pan, add a little coarse sea salt, cover, and hold on the fire for five to seven minutes. Then drain most of the sauce and we high heat stir-fry the shrimp for another minute.
Cook the shrimp with garlic. This combination gives a stunning aroma and taste to the dish. Take the shrimp and peel them from the shell. This can be done in several ways: you can remove it completely, leave the head and tail or only one tail. Begin to remove the armour from the legs of the shrimp.
Heat a pan and pour a small amount of olive oil, suitable for frying. Peel garlic and squeeze through chesnokodavku, add the oil. Then put in pan with prawns and lightly fry on strong fire and mix with garlic. Put on a plate, top sprinkle with sea salt.