Define the purpose and mission of the women's club. How do you see the creation of such an organization? Every woman has their own interests. One wants to do crafts, the other to communicate in an interesting company.
Think about how in practice it will address issues related to the organization of the women's club on interests. Pre-write a development plan, which will be guided.
Call all their relatives, friends. Tell them about their idea and invite them to join the club. So you will find like minded. If any of them refuse, do not persuade. Perhaps they will join me later to you. Ask for the phone numbers of those who could become a member of your club.
Create groups in social networks to attract new members into the Sorority. Place them in information about the organization. Specify what events are planned. In the future you will put in group photos, videos from events, to discuss the activities of the club. It is worth noting that this is one of the best ways to recruit new people.
Find a place for the meetings of the club. For the first time, you can come home if conditions permit. When the number of like-minded girls will be great, you have to find larger premises. Need furniture, equipment (projector) and other items. In this case, you will need to introduce membership fees to cover the costs.
Call those who decided to join the women's club. Invite them to the first meeting. Host a meeting over a Cup of tea in a relaxed atmosphere. Meet the first members of the club. Discuss issues related to further activities of the club.
Develop a questionnaire and asked to fill them to anyone who wants to join the Sorority. Discuss with other participants all bids received on the development of the club. Take all decisions collectively.