Book a ticket on a nonstop flight from Moscow to Lisbon. These flights carry the aircraft to the airline TAP Portugal. Flight duration is 5 hours 35 minutes. Please note that the airline often makes events and when purchasing tickets at both ends provides a substantial discount. Book a ticket on airline. For convenience, select the region where you live.
Take a trip to Lisbon from Moscow by air with one intermediate connection. You can choose a flight for one of the many European airlines, for example, Ukraine International Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Brussels Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Air France, Austrian Airlines, LOT – Polish Airlines. The cost of such travel may be lower than the non-stop option, but the duration of the flight is higher and ranges from 8 hours, the fastest option offered by the company Swiss Airlines.
Keep in mind that the cheapest option to get to Portugal to fly to Spanish airports, and then use ground transportation. The best option is to travel via Madrid. There it is possible to fly by planes "Aeroflot", "Siberia Airlines" (S7 Airlines), Air Europa Lineas Aereas, Iberia — these companies perform non-stop flights, there are many options to fly to the Spanish capital, with one intermediate landing. In Madrid you can buy a ticket on the train Madrid-Lisbon or use the bus service between these cities. You can also take the car at point Rent a car rental.
Purchase a ticket to the city Port, 280 km North of the capital of Portugal. Non-stop flights to this city are not available, flights with one intermediate landing offer Brussels Airlines, Swiss Airlines, AllItalia, Iberia, LuftHansa, carriers are listed in ascending order of cost of the ticket.