Select a theme for your photo album. You can choose the one that especially fascinates your child. For example, for the young Amateur astronomer make "space" album.
Determine how photos will be placed on each page. You can stick them traditionally, in several rows and around the perimeter to keep the frame and decorate it. In this case, the ruler will othertime frame on each sheet. Also you can enter each photo in the making of the album. For example, put them in the Windows painted missiles into the Windows of houses, etc., depending on the themes of the album.
Prepare the background. If you are not satisfied with the color standard album, they can be glued colored paper for pastels. Use PVA glue. After all the pages are glued, lay them in sheets of thick paper, close the album and put it under a press to the paper is dried and straightened.
While the album dries, create a design of every page and technique of drawing. If you are good at drawing design sketches on a separate sheet. Subsequently, it will need to be moved to the photo album and paint. If you doubt your artistic abilities, choose another technique. The elements of a pattern can be cut from colored paper or cardboard. For simple characters make the stamp – cut out stars, hearts, etc. from the eraser. The part that needs to be filled with a paint, remains convex, the rest of the bands cut off half a centimeter with a knife for paper. The finished stamps are sold in stores for artists.
If you have found a nice pattern online and print it the right scale and cut out with a box cutter. Frame with carved pattern can be pasted on album page. It will look good on paper in a contrasting color, for example, carved frame chocolate color on the pages, a soft blue hue.
Apply the prepared images or patterns on the page. When the decoration is dry, fill the album with photos. Affix or insert them in special corners. Corners of different shapes and colors can be found in the Department of scrapbooking.
If you don't like store-bought photo albums, make them with your hands. Fold the sheets of the necessary size in stack, hold down clamps, 3 cm from the edge and drill holes for binding the pages. Miss the spine with glue, then sew the album thick synthetic threads. Top glue the cover, or leave the spine open.