Advice 1: How to replace usb port

The USB port is one of the main components of a computer. Almost all devices are connected it using USB. But like all things it can go wrong. And since modern PCs at the same time, as a rule, is connected to several devices, the loss of even a single USB port can cause some discomfort.
How to replace usb port
You will need
  • computer;
  • - usb-controller.
The first thing you need to purchase a USB controller, so just buy a new USB port it is impossible. Such devices are in almost all computer shops. Usually they are at least three USB ports. Also important is the speed of his work. Now sold controllers USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The latter has the highest speed.
When the controller is already available, you can begin the installation. Unplug the power and all devices. Remove the cover from the system unit, it is necessary to Unscrew mounting screws to remove or latches. Put the system unit on its side. So it is much easier to take subsequent actions. Now you need to find the motherboard PCI slot. There should be several. As a rule, they are located in the lower left part of the motherboard.
Insert the controller into the slot. No extra effort to fit is not necessary: just put it into the slot and apply some pressure. It should go very easily. The cover of the system unit to close not in a hurry. Connect to computer while only mouse, monitor and keyboard. Turn your PC on. Insert the drive disk with the drivers from the controller, it should be provided upon purchase. Install from disk, then restart the computer.
Now test the new USB ports. It is best to do this with a stick. Insert the device and copy any information from the hard disk of the computer. If the flash drive is recognized, and the copy operation is successful, then the new ports are working normally.
Turn off the computer. Close the cover of the system unit and connect the PC to other devices. If the system has not found a new device, the problem may only be that you do not end up putting it in a PCI slot. Repeat the installation.

Advice 2 : How to fix usb port

During the operation of a computer is often possible to observe the breakage of the USB ports. In particular, this applies to items that are currently displayed on the front panel of the system unit - they fail in the first place.
How to fix usb port
You will need
  • - PCI-controller.
Install the fact of the failure of the port to your computer by connecting multiple devices, preferably of different types (phone, camera, flash drive and so on) in turn. It is possible that the fault lies in the plug-in via the interface equipment.
If, however, identified a problem with the USB in the computer, check whether it is available to all ports or only to some. If all don't work, reinstall the USB driver. To do this, download the latest version of USB 2.0 or 3.0, then install the software on your computer. If necessary, remove the old version of the driver.
If it was revealed that only some faulty USB ports or reinstalling the drivers does not resolve the failure, take your computer to a service center. You can only install a new PCI controller, splitters and so on, repairing at home here.
After you install the new ports in your computer take the necessary measures in order for as long as possible to maintain their working condition. Buy special cords, adapters and splitters, USBports. Also if possible, try to use the original non damaged USB cables to connect devices to the computer.
Try not to connect the damaged cables with traces of mechanical impact or where there are signs of defective goods. Frequently check the available updates for the USB driver. Do not connect to the computer the damaged device.
If you frequently work with removable storage use adapter not to damage the ports. In any case, do not perform repairs by yourself, also it is not recommended to ask for third party assistance in this matter, except for desperate situations.
Useful advice
Repair ports in the home; most likely, it will end with the replacement of the motherboard.

Advice 3 : How to repair USB port

And then came the day when you refused the USB port. How to improve its performance?
How to repair USB port

1. The first thing to try is to restart your computer.

2. If not a reboot should update the configuration installed on the computer equipment in the "device Manager". To do this, click on the icon "My computer" to open the menu and choose "Manage". Next, look for the tab "Action", "scan for hardware changes".

3.Disable the USB controller. Go to "device Manager" and delete all USB controllers, restart the computer. Don't worry, they will appear after restarting the computer.

4. Perhaps you have a damaged USB port. You need to check its condition. It needs to be like the rest, look carefully can you see any differences? Remember, whether got to port something to an outsider?

5. Another option of the USB failure is that the port is simply not connected to the motherboard. Maybe you took apart the computer and forget to plug in the connectors to the motherboard back?

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