You will need
  • roulette;
  • - project documentation.
Measure tape measure wall thickness, which is scheduled to be demolished. Load bearing wall of brick has a thickness of not less than 250 mm, in panel houses the thickness of the bearing wall at least 140 mm. On the inner bearing wall based floor panels on both sides. The length of the plate on the brick wall is not less than 120-150 mm, on concrete - not less than 70 mm.
Contact housing maintenance or property management company, they kept the design-budget documentation on building in the project, you can find information about load-bearing walls. It is also possible to obtain prior authorization for alterations, because to legitimize their actions still have.
In the panel or monolithic house try to drill the wall, which is going to carry. As a rule, the walls of the hole to make much easier, as they are made from a lighter material of lower density than concrete.
Keep in mind that the outer walls of the house are always load-bearing. The interior walls of houses and apartments depending on year of construction and a series of houses can also be carriers. For example, when remodeling a bathroom - the Association of WC with a bathtub, you can be sure that load bearing wall you will carry. If you want to combine the two apartments into one, the demolition of the supporting structure possible with a high probability.